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Send2Press® Newswire is a service of Neotrope®, established Jan. of 1983 in Redondo Beach, Calif., USA.
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Press Release Writing Services from Send2Press

July 2014 News
We're still working on our 2014 site revamp, moving to a fully responsive and PageSpeed optimized platform (up to speed of 97 destkop, 91 mobile for new pages as of 7/17/14!). During the remodeling please bear with us a bit longer, as some things are a bit messy at this point as we continue to suffer the dregs of the 2009/11 website. :-)
What's New: As of March 1, we have retired our “Extended” level plans in favor of NEW “Premium” plans. New plans include promoted social media marketing campaign ($99 value) with click-tracking. We have also brought back the econo online post plan for $49, by popular request.

Thank you for your interest in Neotrope's Send2Press PR and press release services. This page provides both an introduction to our service, as well as pricing, and a detailed overview of what is included with our full writing and revision/re-write plans. Send2Press® is a service of Neotrope®, a fully U.S.-based company, located in Los Angeles, Calif.
Affordable Proven Press Release Writing
Send2Press® delivers affordable, proven press release writing services for both individuals and small to medium businesses. Our full range of services include targeted news distribution, news release writing, press release optimization for news search, and agency of record service. As a professional media relations company since 1983, we have the expertise and experience to help you compose the right message, and to "get the word out" to the media.

Our staff include members of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), National Writers Union, and the Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina, among other groups for PR professionals.

Our press release writing service was even featured in the Nov. 2003 issue of Entrepreneur magazine as a recommended resource, and on Publishing Basics radio! (It's worth noting that this was before 90% of the companies offering press release writing services found in Google in 2010 were even in business.) Send2Press is also a recommended resource for clients of NARIP (National Association of Record Industry Professionals), and many other trade and non-profit groups.

Effective True Newswire Distribution
While you may order our full press release writing without ordering our targeted distribution plans, you may wish to choose our service to ensure your news can be found by interested media.

Send2Press is a true newswire service (not a "reseller" of other company's services), we send news Direct-to-Editors™ and not just online postings and RSS feeds like some companies claiming to be something they're not. Our news is read by media professionals worldwide, and our clients have been featured in every conceivable print and broadcast venue over the past 27 years.

Plus, we're the only company in the world which has offered press release optimization solutions for search engines since 1997. We're the "real deal" in affordable expert PR services!

Simple Pricing for Writing Services
NO MEMBERSHIP FEE. There is no annual membership fee with Send2Press, however all services are pre-paid (we do not offer "open account" billing). To order services, all customers are required to create an account in our secure Order Center. Customers/Agencies using a partner, client, spouse, or company card (name not matching person submitting project), MUST return a signed Terms of Service (TOS) agreement, found here: 2011 Terms of Service Agreement (PDF).

EASY TO USE: All Send2Press service plans and pricing are clearly marked on our service pages and the main price list page. We don't "quote as we go," or make up specials on the spot. All our pricing is "agency pricing."

Here are the basic fees for our full writing and editing packages:
(pricing does not include distribution to media or online)
Full Press Release Writing Service:
One Draft Revision/Rewrite Service*:
Two Draft Revision/Rewrite Service*:
Please also review the "Top 10 FAQs," below, after the bullet points, on this page.

What We Do: Full Details of our Press Release Writing Services

Press Release Writing since 1983

Trust our professional writing staff to do it right!
Since many small businesses don't have the budget to hire a professional public relations (PR) firm — or have the expertise to compose their own news release in-house — Send2Press offers press release writing services that are affordable and effectively target the message you wish to convey to the media. We can also edit/review an existing release you've written to polish and/or edit for length.

Send2Press is the only online press release service whose staff is entirely comprised of PR professionals, working journalists, and published authors. Our highly skilled and accredited team members are active members of professional trade groups including the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina, and the National Writers' Union (NWU), among others.

How long does press release writing take?
We ask for two (2) to three (3) full working days to complete a full press release writing plan. We ask for at least one (1) full working day to perform a revision/rewrite service plan, and this can take longer if we're busy, or depending on how long it takes you to respond to queries from the editor. If trying to meet a specific deadline, please inquire in advance — all writing services will always take at least one working day. Press release writing/editing service pricing does not include distribution of the press release to the media or online.
Full Press Release Writing: In Detail

Full Writing Service: $199 (WR-PRPRO).
*May be ordered alone, or with a distribution plan.

  • After "Checkout" in our Secure Order Center, you fill out a simple information form with various questions related to what you want to announce as news, your dateline for release, and industry targets (i.e., "food" and "books" for a cookbook). We assign one of our writers based on content, then we call you for a brief (no more then 10 minutes) interview. We also provide an overview of the process with tips on what to look for and how the writing process works.
  • From this, a first "sketch" draft is composed and sent by email. Changes, corrections and additions can be made (all changes must be provided in writing), then a second draft is provided to refine the message. A polish draft can be done, if needed. Any additional corrections are made and then the final is provided. Release can be up to 800 words (400-600 typical), or will match the length of the news distribution plan ordered at same time (standard length of "Extended" distribution plans is 400 words).
  • Allow 2-3 working days (typical) for project completion, depending on your own availability for approvals.
  • Once the final is done, you may specify date/time for release to go out. We provide you with both a MS Word final version of your release for your own use. (Other formats can be provided on request like .rtf, .pdf, and plain text.)
  • You own the final press release and may publish, post, or disseminate it in any way you wish; you own all rights to the final work.
Revision/Rewrite Service: In Detail

One Draft: $89 (WR-1DRFT); Two Drafts: $169 (WR-2DRFT). *May only be ordered with distrib. plan.

If you've written your own press release but feel it might need one more polish — and/or if it's far longer than needed (or longer than the length limit of the news plan you've chosen) — one of our professional staff writers can rewrite/revise your release to make it more readable and more effective.
  • When you order a news distribution plan, also choose this add-on option: #WR-1DRFT ($89) or #WR-2DRFT ($169).
  • Then after "Checkout," submit your news release on our Information Form where you also specify who you're targeting the distribution to (MS Word or RTF format, no PDFs).
  • We then assign a staff writer to review and revise your release. Allow at least one full working day for completion.
  • A second editor on our staff will double-check it, then e-mail you "our version" of your news release with a checklist of things to look for like spelling of CEO name, site URLs, etc. If you order an "Extended" level distribution plan, the revision will be trimmed to the 400 word base length limit unless you have ordered the additional words add-on option at same time.
  • You may then edit further, and send us your "final, " or you can approve as-is. You may choose the distribution date/time once the draft is approved.
  • You own the final version.

    (NOTE: can only be ordered at same time as a distribution plan. This option cannot be ordered alone.)

Example of Our U.S. News Distribution "Standard" Plan Pricing
plus a Full Writing Plan Added (Package Price)
*Note: Writing and Distribution Plans are Added to Order Separately in our Order Center
Standard "STATE" Distrib. Plan
Standard "4-STATES" Distrib. Plan
Standard "National LITE" Distrib. Plan
Standard "NATIONAL" Distrib. Plan
Standard "Industry Focus" Plan
Standard "Online Only" Plan
Full Writing Service: $199 Full Writing Service: $199 Full Writing Service: $199 Full Writing Service: $199 Full Writing Service: $199 Full Writing Service: $199
• Note: You order both the writing and/or distribution plans in our Order Center. ALL SERVICES ARE PREPAID.
• Pricing for our plans is based on each news announcement written/issued, and is not a subscription.
• Press release distribution not included with writing and/or re-writing, but may be ordered at same time.
• Please also review the "Top 10 FAQs," below, on this page.
Quick Answers to the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions
 FAQ:  How does your pricing work?
As with all legitimate and professional newswire service providers, Send2Press® distribution plan pricing is based on "each news announcement" — meaning, that each time you issue a press release, you pay the plan fee, based on the plan you've chosen. We are NOT a simple online news posting site, but a true newswire service sending your news directly to media using our exclusive Direct-to-Editors™ media databases. As a professional PR services company since 1983, we invest over an hour of hand-work per client project!
  Click here to learn more about how pricing works
 FAQ:  How do I set-up an account to order services?
Simply go to our secure online Order Center (note the gold "tab" at top of each page), and follow the instructions. All services are pre-paid, and must be ordered online. No annual membership fee! We are a PCI DSS certified secure merchant, in business more than 25 years, and a member of the BBB since 1997. After you "checkout" in our Order Center using any major credit card (or, optionally using PayPal), you simply upload your word processor file and photo or logo on our simple News Information Form.
  Click here to learn more in our Order Center
 FAQ:  Where do you send news?
We maintain our own databases and send news Direct-to-Editors™ at media outlets which are targeted based on your actual news content. Most news is sent by e-mail, with additional delivery via syndication, RSS, clipping services, social networks, and news aggregators. With our "Standard" level plans we use our own lists, and with our "Extended" plans we add distribution via PRNewswire® in addition to what we do!
  Click here to learn more our media lists
 FAQ:  Will you write or revise my press release for me?
You can hire us to write your release from scratch for $199, and you get to work with a fully accredited public relations professional, or you can have us touch-up a release you've written (from $89; revision available only at same time as a distribution). With all plans we will do basic fixes to your release to meet A.P. style, and to fix common typos, at no extra cost (you are ultimately responsible for providing an accurate release).
  Click here to learn more about writing services
 FAQ:  Can I include a photo or logo?
You may include one free Web resolution company/product logo, or a photograph (such as of a product, CEO headshot, etc.), with every distribution plan. We don't allow banners, fliers, or similar. Our photos show up on a wide variety of sites, including Google News, DIGG, Wikio, Newsblaze, Zimbio, DocStoc, Scribd, eNewsChannels, and many more (additional images $10/each). Optionally, you can include a media-friendly, print-ready 300dpi image for only $15.
  Click here to learn more about photo options
 FAQ:  Do you offer any reporting?
All plans include a Clear Time confirmation and quick-links report once the release has been issued (crossed the wire). A Send2Press® SiteWatch™ report follows the next day which includes from 50-300 links to sites running your news story, that we track (varies by plan level, as the "EXTENDED" plan will have many more sites tracked). We *do* provide PDFs showing newspapers, magazines, and broadcast outlets your news is sent to — please see "where do you send news" above.
  Click here to learn more about reports and tracking
 FAQ:  Are there any word length limits?
Our "Standard" (formerly Silver) plans, have a base word length limit of 800 words. Our "Extended" (formerly Blue) level plans, have a base word length limit of 400 words (headline, dateline and media contact info count in length). Longer releases have an upcharge (for Extended plans, cost is $75 for ea. 100 words or fraction over 400 — see the full Help/FAQs page for how to calculate length).
  Click here for info no how to calculate word lengths
 FAQ:  How fast can my news go out - what is the deadline?
We can normally get any project out within about two hours (sometimes longer on Mondays, or last couple days of the month) of when it's submitted during our normal business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST/PDT Mon.-Fri (California time). For projects to be scheduled for "early next morning" (such as 7 a.m. EST/EDT), we need to have the project in prior to the previous day close of business. We obviously cannot set-up projects to push to media prior to when we're open the next day, if you submit after we close the prior working day.
 Click here to learn more about daily cutoff and deadlines
 FAQ:  What are the format and minimum requirements?
We generally follow Associated Press (A.P.) style, and so each release must have headline, dateline, body of release, and contact info so that media can follow up. We prefer MS Word file for release (or .rtf), and images can be any format; we cannot use PDFs, MS Works, or Apple Pages files. All releases must have proper "attribution" in headline or first paragraph (company or person name of WHO is announcing the news). See the following link for step-by-step examples and some issues to be aware of related to content and Google News. Sub-heads (secondary headlines or "decks" are not supported on most Web sites.
  Click here to see requirements and examples
 FAQ:  What successes have clients had with your services?
We have a highly detailed customer testimonials and successes repository you may review using the link below. Keep in mind we have been sending news to the media on behalf of our clients for more than 25 years*, and the Send2Press service has been online since 2000*, and so we have a wealth of archival information on client successes (placement in the media), and many testimonials you may review. (*Send2Press was spun off of our corporate PR services in 1997 as Mindset Netwire, before finally becoming the Send2Press® service brand in 2000. Send2Press is a service of Neotrope, established in 1983.)
  Click here to see client media placements

Important Notice: All Send2Press Newswire targeted distribution and writing/editing services are offered subject to Neotrope's Terms and Conditions of Service (TOS). Please see our price list or order system for current pricing and options. Please review our requirements and FAQs for important information on deadlines, news we will not accept, multimedia formats, anchor link limitations, and payment options. Send2Press is a service of Neotrope®.

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