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Client Success Stories & Media Placement (“Pick-ups”)

Sept. 2014 News
We're still working on our 2014 site revamp, moving to a fully responsive platform. During the remodeling please bear with us a bit longer, as some things are a bit messy at this point as we continue to suffer the dregs of the 2009/11 website. :-)
What's New: As of March 1, we have retired our “Extended” level plans in favor of NEW “Premium” plans. New plans include promoted social media marketing campaign ($99 value) with click-tracking. We have also brought back the econo online post plan for $49, by popular request.

Thank you for your interest in Neotrope's Send2Press® press release services.

The following customer successes (below, this page) are a small sampling of recent "known media placements" for our clients. We refer to them as "known" media placements, as sometimes we only learn of these successes from our clients; most often we're unaware of a pick-up as the media is contacting our clients, not us. So, this is certainly not a complete or exhaustive list of media queries, pick-ups, or placements — only some of those we know about!

It may be useful to know that better than 85% of the media pick-ups found on this page are a result of the Send2Press Direct-to-Editors™ media database, and not distribution through any partner wires.

Also, it's important to note these are "actual" pick-ups and not a record of cloned or automated stories being replicated on Web sites from the original press release (which can be from 50-250 [or more] site-pages per release). To the best of our knowledge in verifying these pick-ups, a real media person chose to use the news item in their venue, whether it was a print magazine, online journal, or broadcast outlet. Where possible we have tried to capture a PDF (noted as ), screen image (), or other visual record of the placement.

What We Do
Since 1983 Neotrope® has delivered proven, effective, and consistent business marketing services and technology solutions. Send2Press (a service of Neotrope) offers affordable news distribution services, professional press release writing, agency of record service, and syndication of original news content. Neotrope's Send2Press Newswire service and the Neotrope News Network provide a unique solution for dissemination and persistence of news content to targeted media. We're proud to be part of the 2009 Inc. 5000 List.

Recent “Known” Client Success Stories

Select a tab in the dynamic box, below, to view current or older client success stories. In charts, below, company name will generally link to the press release related to the media pick-up. Links open in new browser window.

NOTE: as of Mon., Feb 06, 2023, the dynamic content below is still a work "in progress." Due to a failed attempt to migrate thie widget to PHP/MySQL in 2010, this element is woefully out of date. We are attempting to manually update it during Fall 2011. On first pass with the "Latest Successes" tab, the PDF and JPG links will not yet be in place.
• If your success with us is not listed, please let us know!

Recent Success Stories
Client / Company Date Media Placement / Success Story
Cory Allen Contemporary Art Sep. 2011 News picked up by the Los Angeles Times, in "Technology" section, in piece by Jessica Guynn, with photo. LAT item quoted on in piece by Sherilyn Macale. Article in the Palo Alto Patch newspaper, in piece by Aaron Selverston, with photo. Patch story quoted on Huff Post - San Francisco, with photo (filed by Carly Schwartz). Numerous blog posts, and entertainment/tech news pick-ups.
EPIC Programs Group Sep. 2011 Featured news article, picked up by Reuters, written by Ben Berkowitz, on 9.29.11 (day following news release).
Idaho Dairymen's Association Sep. 2011 News item picked up by editors of AG Weekly (Twin Falls, ID) on 9.28.11 (same day), who ran majority of the news release.
Blue Hill Troupe Sep. 2011 News item picked up by editors of BroadwayWorld ( on 9.27.11 (same day), who ran majority of the news release.
DukeXXX Wear Sep. 2011 Article mentioning new clothing line, on Broward Palm Beach New Times (Florida), under "The Pulp" blog, and newspaper category "Almost Good Ideas," by editor Matthew Hendley 9.20.11, with photo. (Client press release written by Send2Press staff.)
VLP Law Group Sep. 2011 Short write-up/mention by editor Lisa Sibley in the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal on 9.20.11. Media query and mention in the "On the Move" section by Sheela Kamath, of The Recorder / Legal Pad / ALM / American Lawyer.
Remodel or Move / Dan Fritschen Sep. 2011 Article quote and write-up 9.14.11 on (an AOL property) by editor Sheryl Nance-Nash.
Skull Church / Fresh Life Church Sep. 2011 Media query from David Reese; Editor, Montana Living; Producer, Montana Living Television.
Pavlina Osta / Pavlina Productions Aug. 2011 Interviewed by The Drew Show, an online radio show. (Client press release written by Send2Press staff.)
Photographer / Author Sohee Chu / iSohi, inc. Aug. 2011 Contacted by Hawaii's leading news TV morning news anchor to be interviewed.
Wham Bang Comics / Jake Tinsley Aug. 2011 Media query for review copy of comic book from journalist Aaron Albert, Comic Book Guide (; a NY Times Company).
Sculptor Daniel Edwards Aug. 2011 Massive media pick-up including front page of MSN on Aug. 10; E! Online article by Bruna Nessif; Dallas Observer article; article by Jocelyn Vena; Wonderwall; TMZ;; 1,000+ blogs, etc.
Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino County July 2011 News mention in Highland Community News newspaper 7.21.11.
Telovations Inc. July 2011 News mention in Triangle Business Journal by editor Monica Chen on 7.6.11.
Bob Taylor July 2011 Media query from Warwick, NY newspaper asking to do an interview and to take photos at radio station.
Singer-Songwriter Kenny Foster June 2011 Story picked up by The Morning Sun (Pittsburg, KS; GateHouse Media, Inc.) on 6.24.11, and the Daily Mail & Herald Tribune (Nashville, TN) on 6.25.11.
SimplyHome June 2011 Story picked up by local North Carolina TV station and two newspapers.
Insight Research Corp. June 2011 Insight's press release statistical data quoted in article by Deanna Bottar, for Columbus Business First (print edition), in article titled "Large companies have major task in choosing when to buy new technology."
Foreclosure Data Online May 2011 Media query from reporter at the Denver Post, which resulted in mention in newspaper and DP website.
Joe Bowerbank Dec. 2010 Mr. Bowerbank received several media queries, or as he put it, "I've gotten some good inquires off yesterday's press release. More than usual. Like it!"
LTC Financial Partners LLC Nov. 2010 Press release resulted in hour-long interview with Money Magazine.
Music Computing Inc. Nov. 2010 Press release resulted in numerous print and online write-ups in music oriented publications, blogs, forums, and music news sites. (Client press release written by Send2Press staff.)
Daily Pill Calls Sep. 2010 Two radio station interview queries for Aneel Robinson, owner of Daily Pill Calls ( from WTKF FM and WJNC AM in Jacksonvbille, N.C., and Atlantic, N.C.
NOTICE: Pardon the mess during Fall 2011 while we attempt to update this woefully out of date widget. Content newer than Fall 2009 will be incomplete at this time but will be updated as time permits.
2009 Success Stories
Client / Company Date Media Placement / Success Story
NOTICE: Pardon the mess during Fall 2011 while we attempt to update this woefully out of date widget. Content newer than Fall 2009 will be incomplete at this time but will be updated as time permits.
World Savvy Sep. 2009 Press release helped nonprofit World Savvy with making event a success. Customer quote: "The announcement about our annual Gala helped bring an incredibly generous crowd to the event, which raised a record $140,000."
Neotrope Aug. 2009 Neotrope included in short article about the Inc. 5000 list for 2009 at Marketing Vox . Item picked up by DesignTaxi Aug. 13.
Sculptor Daniel Edwards Aug. 2009 Story featured on-air, evening of Aug. 5, 2009 on TMZ syndicated TV program. Story featured on-air, on KOKH TV (FOX 25, Oklahoma City, Primetime News at Nine ), and CNN, August 6, 2009. Featured "popular" item on home page of , Aug. 9. Most popular video on , Aug. 9.
Affinity Healthcare, LLC Aug. 2009 News item picked up by the Chicago News Sun (part of Sun-Times News Group), in the News-Sun Staff Report Aug. 6.
Obsello Absinthe / Esmeralda Liquors July 2009 Obsello featured in article July 29, by Marc Cabrera in The Herald (Monterey County, Calif.), titled "Local entrepreneurs bottling success." In a separate article by Cabrera in the same newspaper, "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder," Obsello's Bryan Davis is also quoted.
PALNET USA July 2009 News item quoted in Reliable Plant magazine (and July 2009 Story featured in Fort Worth Daily News (Indiana, KPC Media Group) in article by Linda Lipp, July 24.
Nola Bulls, LLC July 2009 Nola Bulls "running of the bulls" in New Orleans July 7, featured on CNN television. News release picked up and quoted by The Examiner (and appeared on the Los Angeles section) July 9, in article by Nicole Dufour.
LRM Industries International, Inc. July 2009 News item picked up by Canadian Plastics magazine (and, July 13.
EASEUS Software July 2009 Positive article about EASEUS Partition Master software in the PC Notes section of the July print edition of Sound on Sound magazine, on pg. 147 (1/3 of a page), by Martin Walker. Also appeared on the SOS Web site .
Neotrope July 2009 Neotrope CEO quoted in the July cover issue of Produce Merchandising magazine (Vance Publishing), in an article by William J. Wynott, titled "Protecting your most valuable business asset - How to Hang on to Every Customer You Have" (also appeared on
Lion Technology June 2009 News item included in the Morris Business Briefs section of the Daily Record newspaper (Gannet Newspapers), June 26 (also appeared on
Goodnight Films June 2009 Story picked up by United Press International (UPI), and syndicated internationally, June 16, including on in the "Entertainment News" section.
Craig X Rubin June 2009 News item quoted in USA Today , in the Beverly Hills, Calif. news section, July 16 (and on Item was quoted from version of story (part of Neotrope News Network).
EASEUS Software June 2009 News article about Easeus Partition Master in PC World magazine by Jon L. Jacobi in June 2009 issue, and also syndicated online to sites like The Washington Post , June 9.
Virtual Law Partners LLC June 2009 News item picked up by The AM Law Daily blog, in item by Franceca Heintz, June 5.
Mather Aviation June 2009 News item picked up by Aviation Week , in article by Lee Ann Tegtmeier, with quote and photo (also appeared on
Napatech May 2009 New product announcement picked up by eWeek magazine, in news story by Jeffrey Burt.
Obsello Absinthe / Esmeralda Liquors May 2009 Obsello featured in The New York Times newspaper article, "Absinthes to Go Mad Over," by Eric Asimov, May 13 (archived on NYT Web site).
Girls Write Now April 2009 Featured with interview, on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams , April 28, reported by national correspondent Amy Robach.
West Auctions, LLC April 2009 Interview by phone with two Chicago media outlets, and an L.A. TV station sent film crew to do interview. Story picked up by The Sacramento Bee newspaper, featured on home page of , and front of sports section. Story made front page of , for April 28. Story article page on had over 10,000 unique page views the first day.
Artist Ronald Tinney April 2009 News item picked up with photos, by CapeCodToday , in local news roundup April 21.
Bottom Line Time April 2009 Company featured in BusinessWeek article, by Stephen Baker, which was picked up from the version of news release (part of the Neotrope News Network). April 2009 One radio interview; and various pick-ups by auto industry pubs and sites, including Underhood Service blog and also by Tomorrow's Technician magazine (both from Babcox publishing).
EASEUS Software April 2009 Featured article/review of Easeus software on Vnunet Labs Blog ( / Haymarket Media) by Madeline Bennett, April 17. Article in The Peterborough Examiner by Ray Saitz (Sun Media / Quebecor / Included in roundup article of Vista disk tools, in Infoworld magazine , by Bill O'Brien.
Plangarden March 2009 News mentioned in a blog for Fast Company by Ariel Schwartz on March 25, and then the FC mention picked up by The Washington Post opinion column, White House Watch by Dan Froomkin, March 26.
LTC Financial Partners LLC March 2009 LTC's press release mentioned in the Insurance & Financial Advisor (, "Three Tools of the Trade" insurance blog, written by Bob Graham, March 17.
Olympic Champion Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee March 2009 Suzy featured on NBC 9 News television in Colorado, March 9. Also featured in article on the Web site, in story by Jack Maher. News also picked up by numerous ski/sports sites/blogs.
Obsello Absinthe / Esmeralda Liquors Feb. 2009 Event news item picked up by The Times-Picayune , in story by Todd A. Price, Feb. 26.
Hilton Hotels / Hilton Phoenix Chandler Feb. 2009 News item picked up by Hotels Magazine (and
Artist Jake Tinsley / Wham Bang Comics Jan. 2009 News item picked up by the Publishers Weekly blog, The Beat - The News Blog of Comics Culture , by Heidi MacDonald, Jan. 23. Heidi was quoting the version of the news release that ran on California Newswire® (part of the Neotrope News Network).
1st Pacific Bank of California / 1st Pacific Bancorp (NASDAQ: FPBN) Jan. 2009 News item picked up by the San Diego Source - The Daily Transcript , Jan. 16.
Obsello Absinthe / Esmeralda Liquors Jan. 2009 Obsello featured in review article on the blog, Sku's Recent Eats , Jan. 8, 2009. Featured in review article, Jan. 20, 2009, on the Martini Groove blog (part of the "Foodbuzz Network").
Breads of the World, LLC / Panera Bread Jan. 2009 Invitation to appear on-air for the local noon TV program, by WDTN CBS Channel 2 in Dayton, Ohio.
Ely Winter Festival Jan. 2009 Media query and request for print-resolution images from The Floodwood Forum newspaper (Minnesota).
Textecution Jan. 2009 News item picked up by InformationWeek , in article on apps to prevent texting on cell phones while driving, by David Gardner.

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2008 Success Stories
Client / Company Date Media Placement / Success Story
Obsello Absinthe / Esmeralda Liquors Dec. 2008 Obsello featured in The Sacramento Bee article, "Liquid Assets," Dec. 31, 2008, page 3D (can also be found archived on
EMRG Media, LLC Dec. 2008 Interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine for article "Are Holiday Parties in Season?" by Jennifer Wang, which also appeared on Dec. 12. Covered in AM Magazine which is distributed all over N.Y. Interviewed on-air, on NBC TV (WNBC New York) 5 p.m. news program. Interview with CNN.
Bookstand Publishing Dec. 2008 Media query and book review request from WBKV AM 1470 Radio (Wisconsin) morning talk show host Bob Bonenfant.
Author Vijay Rishii Dec. 2008 Media response and book review request from KNTV NBC 11 television (San Jose, Calif.).
Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) Nov. 2008 Media query and request for print-resolution product image from Journal of Property Management and Education Publishing (Insititute of Real Estate Management).
LRM Industries, LLC Nov. 2008 Media query and request for print-resolution image from Plastics Technology magazine (Gardner Publications, Inc.).
ACE Vision Group, Inc. Nov. 2008 Media query and request for print-resolution image, to include news item in MX magazine "Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives" (Canon Communications)
Neotrope Nov. 2008 Story picked up by numerous sources including the Foundation Center's Philanthropy Front and Center - San Francisco Blog, on Nov 13.
Craig X Rubin for Mayor Nov. 2008 Entire news release was read on-air, on Los Angeles based KFI 640 AM radio, at 7:20 a.m., Nov. 10th, on the Bill Handel show.
The Curvy Pillow Company Nov. 2008 Query from Nancy Borgnine (Ernest's daughter) for possible celebrity tie-ins. Story picked up by On A Junket® Web portal, for a piece titled "Hump a pillow to sleep."
LBA Technology, Inc. Nov. 2008 Media query and story pick-up confirmation from Chriss Scherer at Penton Media (two 's' in Chriss is correct); story ran in print edition of at least one Penton industry magazine (client did not let us know which).
Neotrope Oct. 2008 Story picked up by numerous sources including PNN Online, and by Boston University's Join Together ( on Oct. 22.
Childrens Hospital of The Kings Daughters (CHKD) Oct. 2008 Human interest story picked up by numerous media sources, including the Newport News Daily Press newspeper (Virginia), and, in story by Lisa Finnerman, Oct. 15.
Remodel or Move / ABCD Publishing LLC Oct. 2008 Company founder Dan Fritschen quoted for article on green home improvement, "Selling Tips - Greening up a resale house" by Lew Sichelman, Oct. 10, in the Chicago Tribune newspaper (and
SWL Retirement, Inc. Oct. 2008 Story picked up for article by Paul Brand, in the Los Angeles Examiner newspaper, and, Oct. 8.
Unisexy Fitness Oct. 2008 Media query and DVD review copy request from Today's Diet & Nutrition magazine.
Yoga Mountain, Inc. Oct. 2008 Media query and book review copy request from SchoolArts Magazine (Davis Publications, Inc.).
Blastcrete, Inc. Oct. 2008 Media query and request for print-resolution image from Better Roads magazine (Randall-Reilly Publishing Co.).
Illustrated Man Inc. Oct. 2008 Media query from TV Technology magazine (NewBay Media).
Obsello Absinthe / Esmeralda Liquors Oct. 2008 Media query and review unit request from Imbibe Magazine.
The Houdini Museum Sep. 2008 Story picked up by numerous U.S. and international media sources, including United Press International (and on, Sept. 23.
Rella Publishing Sep. 2008 Book review request from Wisconsin Lawyer magazine (State Bar of Wisconsin).
L&P Food / ISI Global Alliance Sep. 2008 News picked up by Powder Bulk Solids® magazine (Canon Communications), and on their Web site .
Java Juice, Inc. Sep. 2008 Review unit request, and print-resolution image request, from Today's Diet & Nutrition magazine (Great Valley Publishing Co., Inc.).
LifeModeler, Inc. Sep. 2008 News article in the Memphis Business Journal . Story picked up by OC METRO magazine (Churm Media), in article by Kristen Schott, Sept. 19.
Syntec Optics Sep. 2008 Mentioned in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper (Gannet New York Network) and on Web site, Sept. 11.
iExplore, Inc. Sep. 2008 Media query from Belvidere Daily Republican (Illinois), and request for print-resolution image(s) for use in newspaper.
Card Cafe (1:1 Specialists) Sep. 2008 News item picked up by Graphic Arts Monthly, and Card Cafe was invited to have a senior executive contribute to "60 Seconds" column in the magazine.
Cognitive Technologies Sep. 2008 Media query from GCN - Government Computer News; request for background data for possible article.
iSkin, Inc. Sep. 2008 News picked up by MacWorld magazine for "iPhone Central" column. Numerous other online and print mentions from media covering Apple, iPod and iPhone products.
Van Millwork Aug. 2008 News mention and CEO quoted in Needham Times newspaper (Massachusetts), and on site.
SoCAFE - Society of Certified Adjunct Faculty Educators Aug. 2008 Mention in The Chronicle Review magazine (and on, in section by Marc Bousquet. Also mentioned in article by Scott Jaschik, in INSIDE HIGHER ED magazine (and on
Java Juice, Inc. Aug. 2008 Product review request from Ottumwa Courier newspaper (Ohio). Interview by mergermarket (Financial Times).
Alien Apparatus Company, Inc. Aug. 2008 Product review request from RECORDING magazine (Music Maker Publications, Inc.).
Native American Olympic Team Foundation Aug. 2008 Media query and request for print-resolution image from Statesville Record & Landmark (North Carolina).
Obsello Absinthe / Esmeralda Liquors Aug. 2008 Two article queries from major media including My Foodservice News (Plus Publications, Inc.). Positive review of Obsello on a leading drinking blog called .
Breads of the World, LLC / Panera Bread Aug. 2008 News picked up by The Columbus Dispatch newspaper, Ohio, August 5th. Mentioned in the "On Restaurants" section, edited by Bill Chronister.
S+H Construction, Inc. July 2008 News item included in the HCN Green Central (Home Channel News), Green in Store blog, July 31.
CareTools Inc. (iChart) July 2008 Media query and request for print-resolution image from Healthcare IT News.
GiSTEQ Corp. July 2008 News featured in MacWorld , July 30, edited by Peter Cohen. Story was also re-purposed on their sister publication, PC World , the same day.
Webahn Inc. July 2008 News featured on WWJ Newsradio 950 Great Lakes IT Report program, July 15.
Foothills Community Partnership July 2008 Article in The Annistan Star newspaper online edition, Alabama, on July 9 (may have also run in print edition).
Make Your Own Jeans July 2008 Media response and request for high-resolution photo for print, from Today's Diet & Nutrition.
Van Millwork July 2008 Media response regarding fundraising event, from WBZ-TV TV38, Boston, Mass.
Get a Life Childcare Foundation July 2008 News event item featured on All About Jazz .
Ecologic Leasing Solutions June 2008 News item picked up by, in THE WASHBIZ BLOG , by Dan Beyers, Terri Rupar, and The Washington Post's local business staff.
Author Taylor Wilshire June 2008 Two queries from radio station talk shows, including review copy request from Bob Bonenfant at WBKV, Wisconsin.
Insight Research Corporation June 2008 Article by Evelyn Lee in June 24 edition of NJBIZ® newspaper (and online).
Morse Constructions, Inc. June 2008 Media response and request for high-resolution photo for print, from The Parking Professional magazine, and International Parking Institute (
The Ballantine Corporation June 2008 News covered in online edition of DIRECT magazine , June 17 (may also have appeared in print edition).
Expand-A-Lung, Inc. June 2008 Media response and request for high-resolution photo for print, from Editor of Today's Diet & Nutrition.
Allstar Luxury Coaches May 2008 Release quoted on The Auto Channel® Web site May 21. News item also featured on the MotorHome magazine Web site.
BioLet USA May 2008 Story covered by journalist Michael Alterio in his "Green in Store" blog on May 21 (Alterio is also managing editor of Home Channel News, the leading American home improvement retailing business magazine).
Leo Kesting Gallery / Daniel Edwards May 2008 Story picked up major national and international news outlets on May 14, including TMZ , and E! Online . Featured on NBC 4 TV in Los Angeles , May 15th (story also syndicated online by "Internet Broadcasting"). News article by Mike Thomas in The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, May 16th. Story picked up by potentially hundreds of other sources in print and broadcast, blogs, and celebrity news sites.
Metrofunk Corporation May 2008 Metrofunk featured on NYCTV, May 20.
Van Millwork May 2008 New employees news item included in Boston Globe's , May 8.
Painter and Designer Robert Cipriani May 2008 Media response from managing editor at Art Business News magazine, and suggestion to submit post-event images for ABN's Picture Gallery section.
FealGood Foundation / Freedom Run May 2008 Media response and request for print ready photo, from editor of American Rider magazine. Media response from executive editor at IronWorks Magazine. Story featured on the Clutch and Chrome Web portal, April 26th.
Van Millwork May 2008 Seminar event news item included in Needham Times newspaper, and the news site, May 5.
SolarReserve April 2008 Featured in article by Matthew Wald, in The New York Times .
Daniel Edwards / Leo Kesting Gallery April 2008 News from April 17 release featured in August 2008 issue (cover date, hit mailboxes May 15th) of HUSTLER magazine, about 1/8th page, bottom right side of news section, with full color photo of Dan's sculpture "Oprah Sarcophagus."
Senate Candidate Sam Kephart (South Dakota) April 2008 Media response from Rapid City Journal, and Lyman County Herald.
From Farm to Table April 2008 Media response and event included in Contra Costa Times newspaper Food/Wine Calendar (Bay Area News Group).
Native Voices Foundation (now: Native American Olympic Team Foundation) April 2008 Story picked up by Sawyer County Record newspaper, Wisconsin, and featured on Web site, April 23.
Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery April 2008 Story picked up by The Press Democrat newspaper, in story edited by Shadi Rahimi, and featured on Web site, April 15.
Prince of Peace Church and School / 34th Annual Fair April 2008 Event mentioned on K-WAVE radio in Southern California.
Visionsoft Limited April 2008 Media response and request for print-ready image to include news in Today's Facility Manager magazine.
Adams Manufacturing April 2008 Media query from Statesville Record & Landmark newspaper, North Carolina.
NeighborWorks America and HOPE Now March 2008 Story picked up by The Buckeye Lake Beacon newspaper (Hebron, Ohio) on March 29, and by the Circleville Herald newspaper (Ohio), March 30.
Neotrope March 2008 Neotrope president Christopher Simmons quoted several times in article by Steve Berberich on the topic of e-books, in The Maryland Community Newspapers (and on, a publication of Post-Newsweek Media, Inc.
Cypress Systems, Inc. and Mark Whitacre March 2008 Feature article on company pricinpal Mark Whitacre, in Forbes magazine (and, by Ruthie Ackerman.
Nine Mile Canyon Coalition March 2008 Media query from Hillsdale Daily News, Michigan.
Musician Matthew Fogle March 2008 Media query from TV station, with invitation to perform live on new AM morning TV show, WBKI-TV/CW Louisville, Ky. Query from American Coin-Op Magazine. Queries from two businesses in Calif. and New York regarding future music tours.
NevaSlip Floor Service March 2008 Media response and query from the products editor at Remodeling, Replacement Contractor, and Upscale Remodeling magazines (Hanley Wood Magazines). Additional request in May, from eco-structure & metalmag for photo to include in their June e-newsletter.
SolarReserve Feb. 2008 Featured in article, "Solar without the panels" by Peter Fairley, in the MIT Technology Review .
HCI Books (Health Communications, Inc.) Feb. 2008 Media query and request for review copy of book from The Bismarck Tribune newspaper, N.D.
Interim HealthCare Feb. 2008 Media response from the editor of Home Healthcare Nurse.
Whisper Mountain Feb. 2008 Media query and request for print-ready images from editor of News-Record & Sentinel newspaper. Media response and query from editor of Building Systems Magazine (Home Buyer Publications, Active Interest Media).
Holland Scott Gallery Feb. 2008 Media query and request for print-ready image from editor of PTN magazine (Photo Trade News) and Studio Photography magazine.
Mike Ditka Resorts Feb. 2008 Media query and request for images from managing editor of Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine.
LocaModa, Inc. Feb. 2008 Article in The Boston Globe newspaper, and Web site, Feb. 20. Story picked up by numerous tech sites, including Xconomy .
The Alex Jones Show / InfoWars Feb. 2008 Media response and query from managing editor, KHOU (CBS/Houston); also featured on KHOU website as front page news entertainment section article by Michelle Homer on Feb. 21. Story picked up and quoted by numerous international music sites, including Gigwise and UndercoverHD .
Insulation Business Consultants (IBC) Feb. 2008 Media response and request for print image, for inclusion in the "New Products" section of Remodeling News magazine. Media response and request for images from the editor of Building Systems Magazine (Home Buyer Publications, Active Interest Media).
Eric Hanson / SKIusa Feb. 2008 Story covered in the Vail Daily newspaper, Feb. 19.
RenderX, Inc. Feb. 2008 Media response and query from Oracle Magazine.
Insight Research Corporation Feb. 2008 Media response and print-image request from Wireless Design & Development magazine (Advantage Business Media).
The Alex Jones Show Feb. 2008 Story picked up by Associated Press (AP) on Feb. 5th for feature article, and syndicated nationally to television and newspapers including Houston Chronicle , and CBS TV affiliates , etc.
The Ballantine Corporation Feb. 2008 Article featured in the industry "Newsstand" section of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) news site on Feb. 5th.
D'Accord Music Software Feb. 2008 Story featured in the "New Gear" section of Keyboard Magazine, Feb. 2008 issue, page 19, approx. 1/5th page.
Backbone Security Jan. 2008 Story featured on Forensic Focus portal, Jan. 16.
Leo Kesting Gallery / Sculptor Daniel Edwards Jan. 2008 Story picked up by Associated Press (AP), Jan. 24, for national syndication — appears on hundreds of newspaper and TV news sites like Article on The Blood-Horse® magazine Web site, Jan. 24, by Ron Mitchell; alternate version on e-magazine site. Quoted in the Washington Post "Quirk Takes" Jan. 28, page E02. Also, The New York Sun on Jan. 25. (Many others!)
Author Dee Rule, RN Jan. 2008 Interview request from Advance for Nurses magazine (Merion Publishing).
Relios, Inc. Jan. 2008 Media query and request for print image to place story in "What's New" section of Tack 'n Togs Merchandising magazine.

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2007 Success Stories
Client / Company Date Media Placement / Success Story
Professionals Guild Dec. 2007 New Year's Eve event mentioned on-air at NBC Channel 11, San Francisco (and news site), Dec. 31.
Allstar Coaches Dec. 2007 Featured in the Dec. 2007 print edition of Woodall's Camper Ways, "News & Notes" section, page 5, approx. 1/6th page (first story on page).
Dr. Thienna / Thienna Inc. Dec. 2007 Story featured in AsianWeek newspaper, by Samantha Toy, Dec. 24. On-air interview for Vietnam TV, in San Francisco, Dec. 18th.
IO2 Technology Dec. 2007 Media response and request for print-ready image from Lodging Hospitality (Penton).
Made in USA Forever ( Dec. 2007 Interview with KGO Radio, San Francisco, Dec. 7th. Featured on FOX TV national news Dec. 11th, on "America's Pulse with E.D. Hill," and on FOX News website.
Artist Damaris Pierce Dec. 2007 Media response and request for print-ready image from Hickory Focus - news weekly, Hickory N.C.
Fromm Works, Inc. Dec. 2007 Fromm Works' QuikPod featured as first pick on CNBC's holiday stocking stuffer program Dec. 13th, as hosted by David Pogue of the New York Times..
Christian Artist's Workshop Dec. 2007 Request for copies of book for on-air mention/promotion from WBKV Radio, West Bend, Wisconsin.
epOxybOx Dec. 2007 Story pick-up and mention in the Los Angeles Times "Emerald City" green living blog, Dec. 6th.
Biometric Signature ID Nov. 2007 Media response for article inclusion in Smart Card and Identity News (UK), Vol. 16, Number 11, Nov. 2007.
IBI / Virtue Perfume Nov. 2007 Story pick-up and featured on-air, Nov. 28, by KENS 5 TV (CBS), San Antonio, Texas.
Whiteflash Diamonds / Nov. 2007 Story pick-up Nov. 27 and included with interview and photo in article for Houston Chronicle, by David Kaplan, about Cyber Monday shopping.
BETA Records LLC Nov. 2007 Story pick-up Nov. 21 up for news brief on Billboard magazine website, edited by Antony Bruno (may also have appeared in print edition).
Technology Insight Corporation (TIC) Nov. 2007 TIC contacted by the Research Director, Procurement Strategies & Systems at Gartner requesting a one hour briefing. According to the client, "This is exactly the audience we were looking for." / New Venture Company Nov. 2007 Story pick-up Nov. 9th by Broadcast Interactive Media (BI), which syndicates news to hundreds of U.S. based TV and radio websites for CW, Fox, NBC26 WGBA-TV, etc. (Story was picked up from California Newswire® version of story.) Article in "Techtalk Blog: Consumer Tech News" on / WRAL-TV (Capitol Broadcasting) on Nov. 10th.
Wham Bang Comics Nov. 2007 WFAA TV, the local ABC affiliate, picked up the story, which aired Nov. 7th at 5 p.m. Central Time. Also, The Dallas Morning News interviewed Jake (13 year old comic book author) for a story to appear in Sunday paper Nov. 11th.
Written Inc. Oct. 2007 Media response, and interview by Jeannine Heinecke, and company products featured in magazine article, in October 2007 issue of Law Enforcement Technology Magazine (Cygnus Business Media).
Gallery of Historical Figures Oct. 2007 Story picked up and syndicated worldwide by United Press International (UPI), Oct. 15th, in the Entertainment category.
Integrated Mobile Electronics (IME) Oct. 2007 Media query and request for print-ready product image from National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) publications, AutoExec magazine.
Acela, LLC Oct. 2007 Media query and request for print-ready product image from Industrial Hygiene News. Media query and photo request from Fleet Maintenance and Fuel Advantage magazines.
Fromm Works, Inc. Oct. 2007 Media query, review request by Lisa Smith of Bluffton Today, So. Carolina, for her weekly "Stuff You Need" newspaper column.
Capla Kesting Fine Art / Daniel Edwards Oct. 2007 October 4th: Interview request from The Mirror UK newspaper. Request for quote/interview for Associated Press (AP) story syndicated same-day. Interview request from The Press Association, the UK's national news agency. Story ran on Drudge Report. Story picked up by RADAR online magazine; (Felix Lowe); Daily Mail (UK); National Nine News, Australia. (And much much more!)

October 5th: Story picked up by Reuters editorial and syndicated worldwide. #1 photo under "Top World News Photos" on Story on with photo. Story in National Post, Canada, by Mark Medley. Featured on Story with photos in NOW Magazine, UK and dozens of UK newspaper sites. Featured on CNN International, and
Black Lawyers For Justice Oct. 2007 Story picked up Oct. 4 by WOWK-TV (CBS-TV) in W. Va. with story on website in morning, and follow up on evening news. Also appeared on W. Va. The State Journal web site, but was later removed.
TripMama / Sep. 2007 Media query and request for print ready logo image, for news inclusion in ConventionSouth magazine.
Author Bob Livingstone Sep. 2007 Interview request from Newstalk WLOB AM-FM, Portland, ME, for weekly radio program hosted by Lou Castaldi, covering health, fitness and related social issues.
Bridge Art Fair, London Sep. 2007 Story picked up Sep. 27, 2007 by United Press International (UPI) in "Entertainment" category, and syndicated worldwide. Also re-published on sites like The Post Chronicle, News Corp's Imedi Television/Georgia (Russia), and thousands of points pulling UPI entertainment news.
Capla Kesting Fine Art Sep. 2007 Story and interview featured on WIRED online, Sep. 12, 2007.
Karleigh Santry / Aug. 2007 Interview request from local Erie, Pa. Erie Times News newspaper for the Sunday edition. Aug. 2007 Media query, and request for high-resolution product image from Home-Based Travel Agent Magazine, for their "new products" section.
XShot, LLC Aug. 2007 Story featured on TV station news sites in the Granite Broadcasting network: KSBI 52, OK; WTMJ-TV, WI; and WTVH, NY; managed by Broadcast Interactive (BI).
SigmaFlow Aug. 2007 Story featured and quoted in Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine (Cygnus Business Media), and on the website.
Dress Code Violator Clothing Aug. 2007 Story featured and quoted on United Press International (UPI) in the "Entertainment" category, Aug. 22, 2007.
Beauty TV® July 2007 Story picked up in Rose Sheet. the beauty and cosmetic industry "bible." Story also picked up and featured in American Spa Magazine.
HaleyBopTees Clothing June 2007 Haley Schmidt of HaleyBopTees featured in on-air news segment, on KCAL 9 and KCBS-TV Channel 2, both in Los Angeles, June 28th. Clip also ran on the CBS website. June 2007 Media query and interview request from editor at Red Herring magazine.
A&R Select and Music Industry Newswire June 2007 Music Industry Newswire (MIN) publisher, Christopher Simmons, interviewed by Elizabeth Dilts, for the June 22 edition of the Chicago Post-Tribune regarding the future of online music and independent artist social networks.
TrashE-Fashions / June 2007 Company and 13 year old girl, a fashion designer using recycled materials, featured on-air interview with CBS TV Channel 2 and sister station KCAL9 in Los Angeles, June 14. Also appeared on their websites as video clip.
Cypress Systems, Inc. June 2007 Company received more than a dozen calls for interviews within the first 48 hours, according to Cypress' president.
Ferrets Anonymous June 2007 Media query from Sacramento News and Review. Media query from Monterey County Weekly.
Author Raul Ramos y Sanchez June 2007 Media query and book review request from Las Noticias, Kingston, N.Y.
MICROPACK Detection (Americas) Inc. June 2007 Media query and print-resolution product image request from the product editor at Industrial Hygiene News.
Liberty Alliance, Inc. June 2007 Media query from Smart Business Magazine, for Smart Business Orange County edition.
Java Juice, Inc. May 2007 Featured on the Unwrapped TV series on The Food Network, May 21st, 2007. (Program repeated on Dec. 26th and 27th, 2007.)
Anne Martinez,; The Dummit Law Firm May 2007 Two-thirds of a page article in the May 2007 (Vol. 3, No. 4) edition of Web Host Industry Review, page 11.
Minnetonka Audio Software May 2007 One-third page feature in the "What's New" section of the May 2007 (Vol. 22, No. 7) issue of Sound on Sound magazine, page 11. Also mentioned in EQ Magazine, May 2007, Tool Box.
Insight Research Corporation May 2007 News included in industry news brief on
Tehachapi Hospital Foundation May 2007 Media query from NurseWeek, a Gannett Healthcare Group publication. Additional article in local Tehachapi, Calif. newspaper, according to client.
Black Lawyers For Justice May 2007 Interview request from the Chief Reporter of the New Journal and Guide in Norfolk Va.
Author Bob Skilnik May 2007 Interview and book review request from editor at MetroWest Daily News, Framingham, Mass.; GateHouse Media. Book review request from The Times of Northwest Indiana, Munster, Ind.; Lee Enterprises.
Trans Marine Propulsion Systems Inc April 2007 News item featured in April 2007 issue of Sea Technology magazine; Compass Publications, Va.
Hotel Magician April 2007 Media query for print image, confirming inclusion of news in ConventionSouth magazine
IBI Virtue Perfume April 2007 Article in Washington Post Express, London Sunday Telegraph, two radio interview requests, Short Takes on, and featured on front page of (Among others.)
Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist March 2007 Included as part of a feature interview by Gwen Moran with Neotrope pres. Christopher Simmons in the March Entrepreneur Small Business Start-up Guide. Article also ran on the,, and Today Show websites.

NOTE: We have not yet added successes prior to 03/2007 to this widget.
We may do so at a later date as time permits.


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