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Client Successful News Placements through our Search Engine Marketing, SEO PR, and Press Release Optimization Services
Client Success Stories >> Successful Search Engine Keyword Placements

The following is a sample list of some of the many successful keyword optimization and ranking placements achieved for our clients by using our Send2Press news distribution service, with ContextEngine® Press Release Optimization. As an added bonus, our client press releases are made into a news story that appears on our site(s). Because Send2Press is a unit of Neotrope, a company that also specializes in Internet marketing, keyword ranking, and search engine marketing services, all of our news stories achieve extremely high rankings in major search engines like Google thanks to our proprietary Press Release Optimization system.

We were the first wire service company to offer Press Release Optimization PR SEO (SEO+PR™)services in 1996/7, and we're still the best!

This is extremely valuable because it provides an additional vehicle for potential customers and other interested parties to learn about our client's news.
Review our news distribution services.

Note: Press Release Optimization rankings shown below do change over time due to popularity of topic (i.e., "XP Software"); the ranking date shown is the date that we archived a screen shot of the ranking position and documented it, the actual ranking typically occurs within 7-30 days of the original news distribution (depending on search engine).

Example Client News Story Placements in Search Engine Results using our ContextXpert™ SEO + PR Technologies for Press Release Optimization
Last updated: Thursday, July 04, 2013

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Finding Your News by Industry Categories
Another way interested media professionals (and customers) can find your news is by popular business, entertainment and technology searches like "music and recording industry news" or "California Business News." Because our news summaries are found under hundreds of these kinds of newswire search terms, these are valuable ways for people to find your news story.

— Send2Press News Channels —
Editors, researchers, and potential customers can also find your news headlines on our website(s) under the following newswire phrases in the top search engines.
aerospace and aviation newswire GOGL #1 and #2 out of 7,560 7/25/03
aerospace and defense news GOGL #3 out of 239,000 10/14/03
Arizona Newswire GOGL #1 and #2 out of 492 10/14/03
recent aerospace and defense news GOGL #1 out of 125,000 7/25/03
Biotech News GOGL #13 out of 985,000 12/14/03
cable and television industry news GOGL #4 out of 566,000 7/8/03
cable and television news GOGL #3 out of 1,420,000 11/16/03
California business news GOGL #2 out of 2,430,000 8/14/03
#3 out of 4,900,000 10/31/03
#1 out of 4,750,000 11/5/03
California entertainment news GOGL #1 out of 1,880,000 10/31/03
California technology news GOGL #9 out of 4,240,000 11/5/03
California Newswire GOGL #2 out of 208,000 8/11/03
#2 out of 357,000 9/3/03
career and employment news GOGL #4 out of 1,470,000 8/26/03
clothing and fashion industry news GOGL #1 out of 182,000 7/25/03
defense technology news GOGL #1 and #2 out of 2,320,000 10/20/03
distance-based learning news GOGL #1 out of 1,840 8/22/03
distance based learning news GOGL #1 out of 1,230,000 9/3/03
DotCom News GOGL #1 out of 149,000 8/11/03
educational newswire GOGL #3 out of 131,000 8/22/03
e-learning and education news GOGL #3 out of 332,000 8/22/03
Fashion Industry News GOGL #5 out of 1,680,000 8/5/03
Fitness Industry News GOGL #1 out of 745,000 11/5/03
Florida Newswire GOGL #1 out of 231,000 8/11/03
home decorating news GOGL #8 out of 400,000 8/22/03
home decorating and interior design news GOGL #5 out of 97,000 8/14/03
interior design news GOGL #5 out of 957,000 8/14/03
interior design industry news GOGL #3 out of 375,000 8/14/03
internet newswire GOGL #1 out of 484,000 8/4/03
Macintosh newswire GOGL #1 and #2 out of 11,600 8/18/03
massachusetts newswire GOGL #1 and #2 out of 148,000 8/25/03
Medical Technology Industry News GOGL #7 out of 1,340,000 11/19/03
medical technology news GOGL #3 out of 2,490,000 8/28/03
AlltheWeb #3 out of 221,653 8/28/03
Medical Technology News GOGL #1 and #2 out of 2,480,000 12/14/03
New Jersey Newswire GOGL #1 out of 167,000 8/7/03
New York Newswire GOGL #1 out of 375,000 8/11/03
nutrition and fitness news stories GOGL #2 out of 200,000 7/25/03
nutrition and fitness news wire GOGL #1 out of 22,900 7/25/03
oil and gas news wire GOGL #2 out of 205,000 7/25/03
recording industry and music industry news GOGL #5 out of 527,000 7/25/03
retail products news GOGL #1 out of 2,890,000 8/21/03
security solutions news GOGL #1 out of 4,830,000 10/29/03
television and cable industry news GOGL #2 out of 544,000 7/25/03
Vermont Business News GOGL #3 out of 1,270,000 8/21/03
video and dvd industry news GOGL #1 out of 651,000 7/25/03
video and dvd news wire GOGL #1 out of 164,000 7/25/03
web application news GOGL #2 out of 3,930,000 7/8/03
web newswire GOGL #3 out of 605,000 7/8/03
web software news GOGL #6 out of 5,300,000 7/8/03

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Share Your Successes
If your company has had a success story using the Send2Press press release distribution service, please let us know by sending an e-mail to: with the date of your release and the outlet(s) who contacted you and/or used your news.

SEO+PR™ is a trademark and service mark of Neotrope®.


Business Hours:
9am to 5pm PST/PDT
Monday - Friday
Closed Weekends.


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