United Kingdom Basic Plan - Add-on

  • Product Code IN-UKBAS

U.K. Basic Plan - Add-on provides delivery to news bureaus and targeted media in the United Kingdom/Britain. Includes bureaus of Eastern and Western Europe media who have offices in London, plus Reuters U.K., and PRNewswire® U.K., and additional e-media sites in Europe.

Includes additional Send2Press SiteWatch™ report tracking online media in Europe running the story (similar to the tracking found with Extended plans in the U.S.).

NOTE: base word length limit is fixed at 400 words maximum, and if your release is over 400 words, you must also order the 100-words add-on option for U.K. Basic Plan. Please be aware with an EXTENDED U.S. plan, those plans have their own word-length limit for U.S. distribution, so with releases over 400 words you would be paying an over-length fee for BOTH the U.S. and U.K. services. (This word length fee is not from Send2Press, but the additional services your news will push through, in addition to what Send2Press does.)

Important Note: This service option can only be used as follows:
• Add-on to any "EXTENDED" news distribution plan.
• Add-on to any "STANDARD" National level (any flavor, LITE, National, or National PLUS) news distribution plan.