Special Distribution Plans

Neotrope/Send2Press Newswire special news distribution packages:
These specialty plans are intended to provide alternate service plans, a bit different from our normal "Standard" or "Extended" level distribution plans. Some plans have been created per customer request.

BASE WORD LENGTH LIMIT: the base word length limit for our "Standard" plans is 800 words. There is an upcharge of $20 for every 400 words over 800 (covers time to proof and format). Order the "Standard Plan Length Overage" add-on option, as needed. See the FAQs for more info on understanding word lengths.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Distribution and online only posting plans do NOT include press release writing. Working with our staff to write your release is optional, at added cost.

WHAT TO DO: Choose a service from the list below. Click service name or the (i) info button for more information and options for each plan. Click "add to cart" to add a service to your order cart.

Single Site Posting Plan: This special plan is designed for those who wish to post a press release on one of the State or Industry news portals in the Neotrope® News Network. Does not include e-mail dissemination to media by e-mail or social media hand work included with normal plans,…