Special Distribution Plans

Neotrope/Send2Press Newswire special news distribution packages:
These specialty plans are intended to provide alternate service plans, a bit different from our normal "Standard" or "Extended" level distribution plans. Some plans have been created per customer request.

BASE WORD LENGTH LIMIT: the base word length limit for our "Standard" plans is 800 words. There is an upcharge of $20 for every 400 words over 800 (covers time to proof and format). Order the "Standard Plan Length Overage" add-on option, as needed. See the FAQs for more info on understanding word lengths.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Distribution and online only posting plans do NOT include press release writing. Working with our staff to write your release is optional, at added cost.

WHAT TO DO: Choose a service from the list below. Click service name or the (i) info button for more information and options for each plan. Click "add to cart" to add a service to your order cart.

This is a speciall priced "combo" pack which includes: 1) STANDARD NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION PLAN 2) FULL PRESS RELEASE WRITING SERVICE No coupons or other promotions apply to this combo pack.   See our Interacive Price List page on the main website for more informa…
Single Site Posting Plan: This special plan is designed for those who wish to post a press release on one of the State or Industry news portals in the Neotrope® News Network. Does not include e-mail dissemination to media by e-mail or social media hand work included with normal plans,…