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Atlanta Author Looks To Inherit Dan Brown's Da Vinci Legacy With Fast-Pased Thriller Based On Mysteries Of French Monestery
Wed, 23 Feb 2005, 11:04:00 ET

ATLANTA, GA /Send2Press Newswire/ -- With his novel The Pegasus Secret, Gregg Loomis delves into a facinating modern-day mystery based on the secrets of a real-life 19th century priest, his association with the enigmatic Knights Templar, and how a Nicholas Poussin painting is rumored to contain hidden messages leading to buried treasure.

The Pegasus Secret (ISBN: 0-8439-5530-9) will be released in May under Dorchester Publishing's Leisure Books imprint.

Loomis, who has traveled extensively throughout Europe, first came upon the idea for The Pegasus Secret while on a trip to Dordogne, France.

There he visited the infamous Rennes-le-Chateau and first heard of Sauniere, a priest who in the 1880s was rumored to have found some sort of treasure on the premises. No one knew exactly what he had found, but his new wealth went uncontested by the Vatican and one of his close friends was brutally murdered for supposedly knowing "secrets." Treasure hunters drawn to the area speculated Sauniere had discovered anything from the Holy Grail to the treasure of the Knights Templar, a secretive monastic order disbanded in 1304.

Loomis says "One of the interesting things about history is the things we don't know, the unsolved mysteries. One of the most long lasting is the Templars. Where did they go? Whatever happened to their immense treasure? I'm surprised no one has put the two together with Sauniere in a fictional setting before."

Loomis draws upon this real-life mystery as the basis for The Pegasus Secret, in which American lawyer Lang Reilly, determined to find the real cause of the blast that killed his sister, becomes embroiled in an investigation that will lead him far beyond a mere murder. It will lead him into the darkest corners of history and religion.

The Pegasus Secret has "more intrigue and suspense than in The Da Vinci Code!" raves bestselling author Robert J. Randisi.

Even though The Pegasus Secret was penned before Dan Brown's mega-blockbuster, readers are bound to see similarities as clues hidden in a painting help solve a centuries-old mystery pertaining to the Church.

Despite the number of related titles, the art history/conspiracy subgenre is alive and well. Publisher's Weekly recently reported many booksellers, including the owner of Diane's Books in Greenwich, Conn., asking for more.

"Everybody who comes into my store wants another Da Vinci Code," she said.

Loomis is a former racecar driver both in and out of the United States and a licensed commercial pilot. He has traveled extensively in Europe and the Caribbean. Currently, Loomis practices law in his native Atlanta, where he lives with his wife Suzanne and their golden retriever Henry.

Between court dates, Loomis works on his next novel. His first novel, published by Berkely, Voodoo Fury came out in 1991.

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TITLE: The Pegasus Secret

AUTHOR: Gregg Loomis

ISBN: 0-8439-5530-9

PRICE: $6.99 US/$8.99 CAN

RELEASE: May 3, 2005

NEWS SOURCE: Gregg Loomis, Author

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