Single Site Posting Plan – Neotrope News Network


Single Site Posting Plan – post a news story on just one (1) website in the Neotrope News Network, with one photo/image. No reporting or push to media.

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Single Site Posting Plan – Neotrope News Network


  • Placement on one (1) website in the Neotrope® News Network, which includes:
    • (Calif. news only)
    • (Florida news only)
    • (Mass. news only)
    • (NY/NJ/CT news only)
    • (music news only)
  • Placement in Apples News (CANW only); Google News and Bing News (does not include Yahoo! Finance). Placement in Neotrope Twitter and Facebook streams.
  • One web photo or logo is included (cannot be “ad banner”).
  • Anchor links placed on text allowed up to five links (no affiliate links); visible URLs preferred; all links will be rel=nofollow.
  • One YouTube or Vimeo video embed supported (must be your video, not that of third party; simply place link in your Word doc).
  • IMPORTANT: This plan does NOT push Direct-to-Editors™ at national trade/consumer print magazines or to daily media (newspaper/broadcast) — you need to use a normal Send2Press “Standard” or “Premium” plan to receive normal Send2Press level services like reporting, etc.
  • This plan can only be scheduled for “ASAP” — or 2 days in future for any time.
  • This is NOT an advertisement; changes are not possible after publication nor can it be “removed” in a month.

Base WORD LENGTH LIMIT this plan:
800 words (350-650 is ideal length).


Scheduling and File Upload:

You upload your release text and optional image on our Project Form after checkout (payment) is completed. This is also where you specify which website the press release will be published on. All projects are reviewed and personally confirmed by a member of our expert staff by email (not by phone).

There is a specific “Single Site Posting” project form to use (FORM C) on our support page once you complete payment; do not use the main project form for our regular client projects, please.

All other Send2Press options are not available with this “single site” plan such as AP checking copy, or hold for call option, editing service, additional photo add-on, etc.

With this “single site” plan the story will generally post “as time permits” at tail end of other priority projects. Normal push time is within 48 hours during our normal business hours (9-5, M-F, PST/PDT; closed weekends and U.S. holidays). If you need to “schedule” your news, you can specify time 48 hours in advance (time cannot be changed once scheduled; changes cannot be made once scheduled in our content system).

No coupons or other promotions apply to this “single site” plan.

We use MS Word (.doc/.docx/.rtf) files for review and proofing, not PDFs. Content must meet our minimum requirements.



ALL SERVICES are offered subject to our Terms of Service (TOS) and acceptable content policies. All projects must meet our minimum content requirements and cannot be disseminated with missing/incomplete information. Pricing for this plan is “per release issued” and not a subscription or membership fee.

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