JERUSALEM, Israel /Send2Press Newswire/ — Recent medical studies are recommending lowering existing LDL cholesterol levels for post heart attack patients to levels significantly lower than the ceiling of 100 mg/dL that has been in effect until now. Many people taking statins to meet the existing goal of 100 already feel that the quality of their lives has reached zero. In “Surviving a Successful Heart Attack,” Mike Stone describes the massive disruptions in his professional and personal life, and his own futile attempts to climb out of the mental/emotional abyss that he had somehow stumbled into.

Anyone who has had a heart attack or fears one in the future will want to read Mike Stone’s harrowing experience in post heart attack life and his own conclusions (contradicting many of today’s accepted cardiological doctrines) as to what really caused his own heart attack – based on the works of Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, the Weston A. Price Foundation and others. The book is available directly from the publisher at

At age 51, the author, a veteran of 20 years in the hi-tech/computer/internet field, experienced 3 heart attacks within a 12 hour period. After an angiogram, angioplasty, stent insertion and recuperation period he returned to his previous life routine as before. It was only 2 years later that he discovered the NIH Statin Study headed by Dr. Beatrice Golomb, and ultimately the root of his mental/emotional malfunctioning over the previous 2 years.

Negative side effects caused by statins have been well documented in medical studies, however only a few people have actually detailed on a daily basis the many disruptions in profession and private life.

The author details his own 2 point plan for recovery – physical recovery, and mental/emotional recovery. What had started out as a tool for physical rehabilitation, bicycle riding, eventually became a daily obsession – initially to convince the doctors that the stringent 100 LDL ceiling should be waived because of his ironically excellent physical stamina – at the time 75 mile (120 km) trail bike riding every week.

Regarding mental/emotional recovery, the author describes his experience at a number of seminars that he participated in, and the crucial role that the seminars played in ‘their’ (the author’s and his wife’s) recovery from ‘his’ heart attack.

Meticulously researched, the author quotes from dozens of medical studies, exposing major contradictions among researchers, and ultimately puts his own life on the line by adapting the emerging medical view and lifestyle that cholesterol is NOT a cause of heart disease, in direct contrast to accepted cardiological doctrine.


Title: Surviving a Successful Heart Attack

Author: Mike Stone

Publisher: Lulu Press

Printed: 212 pages, 6.0 x 9.0 in. Trade Paperback

ISBN: 1-4116-0834-8

$13.98 + P/H

The book is available directly from the publisher:

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