CHICAGO, IL /Send2Press Newswire/ — It could be a very Merry Christmas for a student at one of the top universities in the country if they are able to break the cipher at the end of the novel, THE MOSES RIDDLE. A new novel by Chicago author Hunt Kingsbury and published by Bimini Road Publishing, offers $5,000, or the equivalent in authentic Egyptian treasure, to anyone who can break the cipher and solve the riddle at the end of the book.

Kingsbury has challenged the Presidents of each of the top 10 universities in the country to engage their students in one of the oldest and most interesting aspects of problem solving; cryptography. The challenge is issued to the following presidents; Harvard’s Lawrence Summers, Princeton’s Shirley Tilghman, Yale’s Richard Charles Levin, University of Pennsylvania’s Amy Gutmann, Duke’s Richard Brodhead, MIT’s Susan Hockfield, Stanford’s John Hennessy, California Institute of Technology’s David Baltimore, Columbia’s Lee Bollinger and Dartmouth’s James Wright.

Clues abound. Clues can be found on the front and back cover, the spine, sprinkled throughout the text, even the dedication holds an important clue. The Cipher Challenge is open to all students, and the public, but Kingsbury has specifically challenged universities because of the difficulty of the cipher he has created. Updates and readers’ progress on solving the riddle will be posted at the author’s web page

In THE MOSES RIDDLE, the first in a series that follows Egyptologist Thomas McAllister as he searches for great lost treasures, McAllister finds the lost account of a secret journey Moses made to Egypt after the Exodus. Using clues in the text, McAllister ingeniously finds a perplexing riddle Moses carved inside the oldest temple in Egypt. The riddle leads McAllister and his partner Mayanologist Ann Davenport to a treasure so powerful, so controversial, that both government and high powered religious factions will stop at nothing to confiscate it.

“An adventurous story in its own right, offering a tempting, mind-bending secret sure to lure in any dedicated code-cracker.” Midwest Book Review.


Title: The Moses Riddle

Author: Hunt Kingsbury

Publisher: Bimini Road Publishing

ISBN: 0-9729201-0-2

6×9 softcover, 343 pp., $12.95

For additional information (or review copies), please contact: Mary Patterson, 847-835-9858.

Bimini Road Publishing was formed to create, produce and market fast-paced novels that focus on exploration of lost treasures, both real and imagined.

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