Patent-Pending Technology Provides A Secure Way For Persons to Freely Distribute, Share and Collaborate

PHOENIX, AZ /Send2Press Newswire/ — Today marks a new era for consumers, entertainment companies and advertisers. The Boloto Group (, an Arizona based technology firm introduced a revolutionary free software, titled the Library Card(tm) that makes possible the next generation Internet. The Library Card is an electronic pass that consumers use to access features of the web by filling out a simple registration.

With the Library Card, users will be able to unlock a private community that provides access to products, services and entertainment ranging from online dating to career connections, personal finance to multi-lingual communications, and media, all for free.

The Boloto Group was formed to resolve problems with the way the Internet was currently being utilized. While the web has revolutionized many personal and business functions, certain limitations have kept it from being even more fully utilized. It had not reached the next level, which the Boloto Group technology now makes possible with this generation of Internet.

The Boloto Group has created a unique, more secure, private collaborative community which provides secure and personalized access for virtually everything that an individual uses the Internet for. Also, companies will be able to pinpoint their advertising to exact individuals. Beginning in the first quarter of 2005, members and advertisers will begin to enjoy the benefits and services of their Library Cards and the Boloto technology.

Membership in this private community is available to anyone with a simple, generic registration. Applications include LC Search, a vast improvement on Internet search engines that provides more specific responses to queries. Another unique application is the LC Index, a personal automated contact manager that keeps individuals and events important to users informed and up to date in real-time. The Library Line, an incredible breakthrough technology and application, will be the most advanced communication tool on the Internet.

When fully implemented, users will be able to talk or type, listen or read, and translate to the language of their choice instantly. Other technologies and uses are also available, including the NAN-e network, which allows users to stay wirelessly connected to their Internet provider no matter where they are. Community members will also be able to access tools and applications needed to successfully manage their finances and business affairs.

One of the biggest breakthroughs to come out of the technologies and business applications developed by the company is a proprietary new way to send and enjoy media on the Internet. A new form of computer code makes it possible to distribute media in a smaller size, in a faster way, and with a security method that ensures fees are paid by the user or by an advertiser. This provides the solution to the piracy and illegal swapping of music, movies and software that the industry has been looking for.

Boloto has also developed a technology and business model that delivers the ability for entertainment providers to receive the user fees for previously acquired and copyrighted materials that have been pirated or illegally shared. The company’s motto for this breakthrough technology, “every time a song is played, the artist gets paid,” regardless of how or where the original content was acquired says it all.

Robert Donnelli, CEO of The Boloto Group, said that what they have done is simply make the Web what it should have been all along. “The Web as we know it is about to change, for the better,” he said. “The Boloto Group uses the mantra ‘where innovation captures opportunity.’ Innovation is our patent-pending, leading-edge technologies.”

“These technologies provide us with many opportunities,” added Donnelli, “including the opportunity to resolve piracy once and for all. They provide the opportunity to bring people together globally and to make the web a safer, more personalized place. And they provide the opportunity to simplify the Web, to use it exactly as you desire and for businesses to sponsor free events for their exact audiences. Decades of experience and years of development in the making, welcome to the Library Card.”

Registration for a Library Card is free and can be done at

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