DENVER, CO /Send2Press Newswire/ — Since the devastating tsunami on December 2004, people around the world have once again become aware of Sri Lanka and its devastating civil war. Anyone eager to learn more about this fascinating country should not miss reading Leonard Feinberg’s new novel set in Sri Lanka, published by Pilgrims Process, Inc.

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Waking the Tiger vividly describes Sri Lanka in the late 1950s–a country at the edge of a gathering storm of violence. Feinberg weaves a complex story of the clash between cultures and castes, expatriates and ex-colonials, Hindu swamis and Buddhist priests, politicians and entrepreneurs, Sinhalese and Tamils.

Filled with fascinating accounts of local customs and locales, Waking the Tiger sardonically describes the underbelly of an apparent paradise that is about to explode in racial riots. Caught in the middle are the narrator, his Tamil, Sinhalese, and British friends, and a young American who is looking for “a happy country.” The characters are unforgettable: Shantinaha, a turbaned, blond-haired, ex-military officer who lives in a retreat hut in the jungle; Ramanathan, a highly respected Tamil from Jaffna; Piodasa, a pacifist cook with an explosive temper; the beautiful Ranjini, a one-time secretary who has found easier ways to earn a living; George Burton, a businessman hiding a shameful secret–and many more. Feinberg lived in Sri Lanka from 1957-1958, when he was Fulbright lecturer in American Literature at the University of Ceylon.

Feinberg is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of English at Iowa State University, where he taught courses in American literature, creative writing, and satire. Internationally respected as an authority on humor and satire, he is the author of a number of books, including The Satirist, Hypocrisy: Don’t Leave Home Without It, Asian Laughter, The Secret of Humor, and Where the Williwaw Blows. He currently lives in a retirement community in San Diego, California.

Although Feinberg has retired from teaching, he has continued to write. “Writing is the most important activity in my life. I’ve known since I was in high school that that’s what I wanted to do. I can’t explain why. It’s total satisfaction because of the creativity involved. Even though it’s taken me a while to get this novel published, it’s been worth the wait.” Feinberg has “a few other projects on the burner, but we’ll just have to see.”

“Waking the Tiger” is available from the publisher at or from other booksellers.

Book Summary: Publisher: Pilgrims Process Inc. (; author: Leonard Feinberg; title: Waking the Tiger; ISBN 0-9749597-3-1 (paperback, 264 pp.); price: $22.95.

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