ANNAPOLIS, MD /Send2Press Newswire/ — In an open letter to Bill Moyers sent today, author Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. of Solving Light Books (, has called upon the PBS icon to cease promoting the work of atheist mythologist Joseph Campbell or renounce Christ, one or the other.

“Since 1988 when PBS first aired the six-part series Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, Moyers, an ordained Baptist minister and professing Christian, has ardently promoted the atheistic writing and thinking of the Scripture-bashing Campbell,” Mr. Johnson said. Johnson’s letter asserts that Moyers has used Campbell’s books and tapes over the past eighteen years to delude millions of high school and college students, lure them away from belief in the Scriptures, undermine their faith in Christ, and to profit financially. “For a professing Christian to push Campbell’s atheistic works is a flagrantly immoral, self-serving, and deceitful act. It’s the ultimate in hypocrisy,” Mr. Johnson added.

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Johnson points out that during the PBS presentation, Campbell referred to the resurrection of Christ as “a clown act, really.” Also, in his book, The Power of Myth (with Bill Moyers), Campbell predicts a happy future for humanity when belief in the God of Israel will be considered “an abomination.” A disciple of Friedrich “God is dead” Nietzsche, Campbell pockmarked his books with passages scornful of those who believe in the Judeo-Christian God, and he proclaimed the defining atheistic belief that God did not create man, but rather, man created God.

According to Johnson, the author of “The Parthenon Code: Mankind’s History in Marble,” Campbell called all myths “metaphors” to cover up his ignorance of their true meaning. “Moyers used his journalistic platform to promote an atheist as the great ‘authority’ on myths, and yet one of the many ironies here is that Campbell himself knew virtually nothing about the true meaning of those myths,” Mr. Johnson said.

“The moral contradiction here is so obvious, and Moyers’ motives and credibility are so questionable, one has to wonder why and how the PBS leadership in particular and the American media in general have let him get away with this irreverent sham for so long,” Mr. Johnson added.

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