HOUSTON, TX — (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In a videoconference hosted by American Finance, The Lyamec Corporation (www.lyamec.com) confirms its board members approval of the 20% sale of its non-public and non-solicited private placement offering to American Finance Corp. The delay in finalizing the overall package under the originally agreed to terms was due to an increase of 4.2 Million USD to the original 3.5 Million, inking a total 7.7 Million USD. The increase was due to the expansion of specific value based marketing and licensing agreements entered by The Lyamec Corporation and for the overall reformulation of expected revenue and cost results based on a multiple price to earnings ratio.

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American Finance Corp, with 250 Million USD in capital structure, is a private financial enterprise focusing on the investment of pioneering enterprises. The Lyamec Corporation successfully positioned and successfully built a multi-national business model for specific customer and client base profiles. Through its wholly owned and operated subsidiaries and point of contact bases in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Libya, it created a solid portfolio of clients, partners, and affiliates.

The Lyamec Corporation is expecting to make additional headway in the next several weeks and months, by increasing its value base line, commercial enterprise model and technical operational infrastructure expansion assets through a staged public offering memorandum. The proposed sale of an additional 29% stake will be structured and implemented in compliance with the rules, regulations and exemptions from The United States Securities and Exchange Commission and that of the selected states where the offering is to take place. The sale is preliminary structured under a 5 year offering program with an aggregated 25 Million USD over the term of the operational expansions. The results of the offering will go towards diversifying on staff and manpower, communication systems, specific local distribution centers, and satellite points of sale currently in the implementation stage of the overall program.

Speaking to a private audience via video conferencing, CEO & Chairman R.G. Raymond of The Lyamec Corporation said: “Looking forward, either prior or after the proposed offering, I would not rule out the option of a full public offering on the American Stock Exchange for starters. As the CEO, my aim and focus is on expanding and integrating global commercial opportunities and solutions, and to properly bridge the gaps of cross border culture and heritage potholes. Instead of just accessing a single based earnings channel, we built a network and structure that is integrated, and partner friendly.” Adding, “Our business model is also based on our staff and network manpower as ‘partners, and not simply wage earners.'”

Concurrently, a corporate decision on a multi-platform marketing proposal on linking and networking with Chase Manhattan Bank, Visa/MasterCard, and notably American Finance Corporation was also approved thus paving the way to utilizing the agreed upon terms and conditions to offer specific financial products and services. Collectively, the outlined services agreements concluded gives access to “applicant” and “customer processing” licensing rights. Moreover the binding agreement with American Finance Corp on establishing direct Visa/MasterCard client services programs and account management services will be under certain cooperative “brand” name rights for each specific market segment, as a part of the overall equation.

Upon conclusion of the meeting, CEO & Chairman R.G. Raymond noted to the audience, “The expansion of service provisions with The Lyamec Groups model has been long in occurrence on the bases of expanding our clients, partners, and affiliates reach. As it has been in the beginning stages of the construct, the ongoing occurrences is a part of an integration strategy to secure an all around beneficial formula based on a professional and a more effectively adaptable model of The Lyamec Corporation. Looking at it from a third level dimension in theory, the agreements are comprehensive collaborations that include providing for business financial information services and operational management with specific licensed access to multi level functions. Our multi level product system and mechanism is easily enhanced for simplified integration through any and all cultural formulations by specific marketing and branding components. Going further to that effect we have also created for clients who seek and abide to the guidelines of the spiritual side of life, by even offering ‘Islamic Compliant’ Credit Card Brands. Our focus is structured on a multi platform service orientated portal. Our products are fully adaptable in structure and compliance for all faith based requirements, including faiths or beliefs that are based on pure science fiction for that matter. We aim to provide a fully balanced platform for all clients, partners and affiliates.”

The Lyamec Corporation, a franchise, merchandising and distribution services company, is a subsidiary of The Lyamec Group. The Lyamec Group was established in 1999 to provide vital assistance by laying down unique and fully integrated platforms with cross-border assets and skills to further streamline efficient and effective commercial opportunities and solutions worldwide.

This press release contains “forward-looking” statements, including statements related to The Lyamec Corporation’s business and financing strategy, development programs and plans. Any statements contained in this press release that are not statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Words such as “plans,” “intends,” “believes,” “expecting,” “offerings,” “proposed,” “staged,” and similar expressions are intended to identify these forward-looking statements. There are a number of important factors that could cause results to differ materially by the forward-looking statements, including risks associated with the successful completion of this financing, and that of The Lyamec Corporation’s stockholders’ and any regulatory approvals, requirements, and or additional measures related to the financing, and timing. The Lyamec Corporation does not undertake any obligation to update forward-looking statements. The Lyamec Corporation does not warrant or guarantee any program services provided by second or third party capacity. Any reference made to brand or trademark names are based on offerings of partnership proposed directly or through second or third party agreements and or understandings. Photo is a licensed product to The Lyamec Corporation and or subsidiaries and or affiliates. No copying or downloading for any purpose is allowed. This press release is not to be construed as an offering to invest in The Lyamec Corporation any brands and or products .In any and all cases, financial and legal advice is highly recommended whenever considering any investment opportunity that involves risks. The Lyamec Corporation is legal entity established in 1999 and is in good public standing. On going business model is structured on providing multi-national access to visitors, clients, partners, and affiliates to market and or exchange agreed upon offerings. Based on the agreements in place with the service and product providers The Lyamec Corporation would receive financial benefits on any and all transactions consummated either directly, or through second and or third party capacities. American Finance Corp. is an integrated entity with financial interest in The Lyamec Corporation’s business plans and models. Any investment offerings in The Lyamec Corporation by American Finance Corp. should not be construed as reference to support, reliance and or invitation on any investment based decision or actions.

Contact: Ray Joseph, Lyamec & Associates, +1-281-599-8990, press @ lyamec.com, or www.lyamec.com.

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