BALTIMORE, MD, June 6 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — 1st Amendment Exchange Christian Resource/Publishers today announced the publication of “Biblical Warnings Resource Part I and Part II” both by Penn Turner. These easily accessible quick-reference guides to God’s warnings are designed specifically to assist pastors, teachers, students, and evangelical witnesses to effectively communicate the Word of God.

“Biblical Warnings Resource: Part I” covers Old Testament warnings, and “Biblical Warnings Resource: Part II” covers New Testament warnings. Both resource guides are organized like an alphabetical index of sins against God’s Word. Each transgression includes a summary of God’s warnings against committing the sin, as well as a listing of the Bible verses that refer to that particular law, and the consequences for those who are unwilling to live in accordance with God’s will and teachings. An easy-to-use symbol key breaks down the warning verses for quick reference and comprehension.

“Pastors, teachers, students of the Bible, and evangelists alike will find the ‘Biblical Warnings Resources’ to be an invaluable tool when writing their sermons,” said Penn Turner, editor of both guides. “Christian schools at all levels can devise complete courses based on this single resource, and classroom discussions will never be dull! After all, Christians are instructed in the Bible to share God’s warnings with each other. This resource text serves as an excellent witnessing tool.”

“The Biblical Warnings Resource Guide, Part I” ($40.00, ISBN: 1-4116-2769-5) and “The Biblical Warnings Resource Guide, Part II” ($41.00, ISBN: 1-4116-2465-3) are available for purchase on In addition, those who order now can receive a beautiful spiritual bookmarker to accompany their new resource text. To receive a bookmark, send a stamped self-addressed envelope to: 1st AE, 2880 West Sahara Ave, #206, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89102. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Ms. Turner is currently working as a traveling nurse and a Christian writer. Penn Turner has a BS in secondary education and a certification in surgical technology. She also is the Founder and President of 1st Amendment Exchange Christian Resource/Publishers.

1st Amendment Exchange Christian Resource /Publishers (1stAE), a provider of books and inspirational Christian gifts, was established under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to direct people to God for guidance and help with their problems. 1stAE only directs individuals to answers from the Bible and to established Christian ministries.

For more information, contact: Penn Turner, of 1st Amendment Exchange Christian Resource/Publishers, pennturner @, 2880 West Sahara Avenue, #206, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

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