BOSTON, Mass. – June 17 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A three-day exhibit of Historical Figures(R) by artist and historian George Stuart will open on Friday July 1, 2005 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. The sixteen sculptures are quarter life-sized, highly detailed, three-dimensional portraits of history’s most famous as well as notorious military figures. Stuart’s work will be featured as part of the World Model Soldiers Exposition. At a seminar on Saturday July 2, the California artist will discuss his work and techniques.

Photo Caption: George Washington, by artist and historian George Stuart.

An historical figure of General Washington will be joined by those of revolutionary war English Generals John Burgoyne and Henry Clinton; Spanish conquistadors Cortes and Pizarro; France’s Henry IV and Gilles de Rey; and Russia’s Stenka Razin and Josef Stalin.

Classical frontline fighting men will include a Greek Hoplite, Swiss Landsknecht, Roman Legionary and Roman Centurion. Native American fighters will be represented by an Aztec Leopard Warrior and a Lakota Brave. Other Figures portray legendary Northern European warriors.

Over the last fifty years, Stuart has created more than four hundred Figures representing famous and powerful people of the Americas, Europe and Asia. Each personage and their times are exhaustively researched before its Historical Figure is modeled.

Historical Figures(R) are on permanent exhibit in the Ventura County Museum of History & Art, the Naples (Florida) Museum of Art and the artist private gallery in Ojai, California. Others are in private collections nationwide. Mr. Stuart’s work has been featured on the Discovery Channel and other TV programs.

More about the artist and his work can be seen at his website at The exposition website is

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