SAN LUIS OBSIPO, Calif. – August 25 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MyHalfHouse.com today announced the launch of their premier real estate investor destination, www.MyHalfHouse.com, a web-based business designed to connect individual investors from around the world for the purpose of forming successful real estate investment partnerships.

“Forming a real estate partnership is a great strategy for sharing investment risks,” said Robert Nagle, Founder and President of MyHalfHouse.com. “The first thing you must determine is what you can bring to the partnership. Will it be investment capital, your time or the specialized skills that you possess? There are many people looking for what you have to offer, but if they don’t know you exist, you have to find a way to let them know who you are. This is where MyHalfHouse.com can help!”

MyHalfHouse.com provides a web-based platform where interested parties can locate other potential investors who share the same real estate investment goals and objectives. From an experienced investor looking for a partner on a 35-unit apartment complex in California, to a first-time investor from Texas looking to partner on a condo in Oregon, MyHalfHouse.com provides the necessary resources to find the right real estate partner. For a nominal fee you can begin the process of finding your investment partner today.

“With proper due diligence, investment partnerships make good business sense,” said Nagle. “However, it can be virtually impossible to find others who share your real estate goals and objectives. MyHalfHouse.com was created to put individual investors in touch with the right partner to make their real estate objectives become reality.”

For more information or to post a lead, please visit www.MyHalfHouse.com

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