NEW YORK, NY – August 26 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — New York’s First Street Gallery defends its decision to exhibit Ted Williams’ “death mask,” amid recent controversy surrounding its origin. “When Daniel Edwards presented the ‘death mask’ as an object to display with other Ted Williams items, it was known there would be the potential for controversy,” a spokesperson for the gallery said. “The decision to exhibit the ‘death mask’ was carefully made with the intent that the ‘death mask’ should be presented as a part of a display to memorialize Ted Williams. We are all fans of Ted Williams, and we miss him.”

The gallery, located in New York’s Chelsea district, is exhibiting The Ted Williams Memorial Display in September. The display, compiled and arranged by Daniel Edwards, promises to include additional items for the “Ted Williams and Boston Red Sox connoisseur.” Also scheduled by the gallery and providing additional information regarding the Ted Williams “death mask,” is the premier of A. D. Calvo’s short documentary that is submitted for consideration in the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

“My feeling is that it has taken some time for many of us to understand and respect Ted Williams’ decision to be preserved in cryostasis,” says Edwards. “This exhibit pays homage to his decision,” he says, although he admits the display will be considered macabre to many.

Though Alcor, the facility in Scottsdale, Arizona where Ted Williams’ remains are stored, denies having any contact with Edwards, he says, “Yes, the people at Alcor are accommodating and their policy to welcome the public for regularly scheduled tours is admirable. But many fans in the Boston, New York area aren’t able to make the pilgrimage to Scottsdale to visit Ted Williams’ current resting-place. Essentially, this exhibit brings Scottsdale to New York. Hopefully, it provides a deferential alternative to that pilgrimage.”

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