HOUSTON, TX – August 29 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — HubCityJazz.com (www.HubCityJazz.com) today announced the launch of JustforHouston.com, a virtual local marketplace, where residents in Houston and the surrounding area can buy and sell furniture, electronics, services, automobiles, property, and other items that can’t be shipped with ease, efficiency, and convenience. And because every buyer and seller is a neighbor, both parties can exchange goods and services with greater peace of mind.

“My guiding philosophy was to create an auction site where sellers in local markets with large items could sell their items more quickly,” said Hayward Edwards, Jr. President of HubCityJazz.com and Founder of JustforHouston.com. “I am big fan of eBay and I usually check there first when purchasing virtually anything. I was in the market for a big screen television and found one at an incredible price, but the seller would only sell to San Diego residents. On several occasions when looking for large items the seller would only sell to local residents. So I thought, why not start a marketplace for buyer and sellers who have to be geographically close in order to do business? And JustforHouston.com was born.”

Auctions on the site include coins, antiques and art, automobiles, books, large flat screen televisions, and even businesses. Registration is required, but free of charge, and listing prices are well below those on eBay.

JustforHouston.com is an outgrowth of Edwards’ initial venture, HubCityJazz.com in Lafayette, Louisiana. HubCityJazz.com, launched December 1, 2004, is already averaging approximately 5000 visitors per month in a town with a population of only 150,000.

Edwards has already begun plans to start similar virtual local marketplaces in cities across the country including: Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Dallas to name just a very few. Edwards chose Houston as his initial venture, because it is right in his own backyard, which he says, “is usually a good place to begin just about anything.”

“Our users have told us how they enjoy being able to drive to pickup their items and to pay cash for them,” said Edwards. “We have local businesses who have auctioned off their old computers, office furniture, and company cars. We introduced our lowest bidder function, and our reverse auction, where sellers create auctions for services such as catering and plumbing, which is really growing in popularity. JustforHouston.com puts neighbors in touch with neighbors, and I can’t imagine a more comfortable or convenient way to do business over the Internet.”

For more information please visit www.JustforHouston.com

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