SCRANTON, Penn. – September 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Most families would agree that college tuition is one of the biggest expenses they will face. That’s why when it comes to financial aid; most people would like to be certain that they are getting the most money they can. In fact, according to Philip Goldstein, a College Funding Specialist in Clarks Summit, many families are not aware of all the funding possibilities and are missing out on thousands of dollars each year.

“Almost every family I meet with is unaware of all the sources of college money that may be available to them,” explains Phil Goldstein, a College Funding Specialist and President of 1st Financial Investments in Clarks Summit. “They’ve either incorrectly filed the FAFSA form, or relied on the wrong person for college funding advice and planning.”

The biggest problem, says Goldstein, is a mixture of poor advice and a lack of real concern by admissions counselors who are more interested in their schools own revenues than that of their students. The result is thousands of dollars in possible free aid lost by families not taking advantage of what is available to them.

Making sure you get the most money for your child’s college education however isn’t difficult — even without the help of the schools. By learning what aid is available, how your income and assets affect your qualification, and applying for all that you can, you can maximize your child’s financial aid package.

“The money hard-working families miss out on is a real shame,” says Goldstein. “If your basing your college funding plan on advice from the admissions counselors, or just ‘going it alone’, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself if your getting the best advice and the most amount of aid possible.”

For an informative interview and find out exactly how anyone can assess their college funding needs, call Phillip Goldstein at (570) 585-6100.

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