NORFOLK, VA – September 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Former Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) Faculty Research Fellow, Dr.. Archie W. Earl, Sr., recently served on the doctoral dissertation research committee of a graduate student studying sickle cell disease. The dissertation was written by Dr. Brenda J. Norman who earned her DSW (doctor of social work) degree in May 2005, from Norfolk State University, in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

Dr. Earl stated that “One of the most important responsibilities of the researcher, in a study of this nature, is the protection of the rights and welfare of the human subjects involved. One of the principles for protecting human research subjects,” he said, “is that of ‘Informed Consent.’ To satisfy this principle, the researcher must make sure that the prospective human participants of the study understand the purpose of the study and any risks involved in it. Once that task has been accomplished, the researcher must allow the prospective human participants to decide whether they want to participate in the study. Those who decide to participate must complete and sign ‘consent’ forms.”

In the case of the sickle cell study, he said “Care was taken to make sure that these procedures and all other applicable human subject research laws were observed.”

Speaking about some of the findings of the study, Dr. Earl said that “The results of the sickle cell study suggest, among other things, that sickle cell patients with higher levels of family support will be better adjusted to the disease than those with lower levels.”

During the summer of 2002, Dr. Earl served as an ASEE Faculty Research Fellow, in the Office of Research Administration, at NMRC, in Silver Spring, MD, USA. There, among other accomplishments, he earned a certificate in “the rights and welfare of human participants in research.”

He is presently an Associate Professor, in the Mathematics Department, in the School of Science and Technology, at NORFOLK STATE UNIVERSITY, the Nation’s fifth largest HBCU.

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