Way of the Baby – The classic baby’s handbook for growth and mastering parents

SAN JOSE, CA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Often called a miracle of life, a baby has powers that are enigmatic and go beyond what would be suspected from something so small. How is it possible for a baby to develop so rapidly? What are the secrets to its hold over its parents? What is going on behind those innocent little eyes? Some insights to these questions and more can be found in “Way of the Baby: A Book of Five Grins” (ISBN: 0595358853, iUniverse), a unique and artistic view into strategies and techniques babies use to grow and gain mastery over their parents, written by Brian Hutchins and available from SamuraiBaby.com.

“The birth of my first child marked the beginning of an amazing experience, as I am sure is the case for most new parents,” says author Brian Hutchins.

“Major changes can happen literally overnight and be noticed from one day to the next. New abilities spring up like wildfire, facial expressions and body movements take form, communications begin to gush forth, and reality is created from nothing. My fascination with these progressions and the impact parenthood had on my life led me to dedicate countless hours to observing and capturing the depth and joys of the many special moments that a new baby can inspire.”

Writing from the perspective of a legendary samurai baby, Seiya Kuramoto, author Brian Hutchins plays the role of the translator to create a novel effect. Several powerful images from award-winning artist Yasuhiro Suzuki add poignancy and beauty to the work.

Designed to bring smiles and a touch of poetic appreciation to any new parent, “Way of the Baby” also contains a deeper underlying dimension as an allegory to Musashi Miyamoto’s famous composition, “A Book of Five Rings.” The threads of Japanese culture and Zen spiritual thought woven throughout the book create a rich tapestry that can be appreciated on multiple levels.

“Way of the Baby: A Book of Five Grins” is available at leading online booksellers such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million for $10.95 in paperback.

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