JAMESVILLE, VA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — When family and friends get together for the holidays, the kids may come home with an unexpected gift, warn the head lice experts at Dermedics Laboratories, Jamesville, VA. And this is one gift you can’t just return!

Sharon Metcalf knows. She had spent 6 weeks and more than $500 fighting head lice when she called to order Dermedics’ X-PEL Anti-Lice Shampoo & Conditioner.

By that time she and her daughter had cut their long hair short, her husband and son had shaved their heads, she had cleaned her house top to bottom 8 times and done more than 75 loads of laundry. Even worse, her kids had “given” the lice to 20 other family members and friends.

“We used CVS, Rid, Equate and Nix brand lice shampoos, gels and sprays, “Sharon says. “Then we went to the doctor and got a prescription for Elamite and Bactrim. I ended up missing over 3 weeks from work and having to keep the kids out of daycare. I was ready to have a mental breakdown from the frustration and exhaustion.” Not to mention the embarrassment!

Head lice affect some 10-15 million school children every year, and millions of mothers are treating their kids with the same products Sharon had tried without success. Others are resorting to even more dubious treatments. News media recently reported that California parents were paying a dermatologist hundreds of dollars to treat their kids “off-label” with a product that actually costs under $15.

Public health officials continue to recommend remedies that contain lindane, permethrins, malathion and other potentially toxic chemicals. Many parents and school nurses, however, are concerned about exposing youngsters to such toxins.

X-PEL Anti-Lice Shampoo & Conditioner is an FDA registered homeopathic lice shampoo that contains no toxic chemicals. Used on an infested head, X-PEL eliminates live lice and loosens eggs to make combing them out easier. It relieves the itching caused by lice bites. And it sets up a lice-repelling environment, to help assure that infestation will not recur.

It was a school nurse who suggested that Sharon try X-PEL. It worked. “Immediately we felt clean – no itching!” she says. “I really couldn’t believe it. For the next few days I’d grab my kids as they walked by and search them, but I found nothing, not even nits.”

Sharon intends to keep on using X-PEL right through the holiday season. “I want to make sure that when we are around a bunch of people we don’t get it again,” she says.

X-PEL Anti-Lice Shampoo & Conditioner is distributed by Dermedics Laboratories of Jamesville, Virginia. A 6 oz. bottle, enough for 6 to 12 shampoos, costs around $15 in drug stores. For more information, visit www.xpelheadlice.com or write X-PEL Info, P.O. Box 91, Jamesville VA 23398.

News issued by: Dermedics Laboratories

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