LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Send2Press Newswire/ — Christopher Curry, Technology Consultant for Shrimpo LLC, has challenged Osama Binladin and the Binladin family to provide aid for those thousands affected by the tsunami disasters in South-East Asia.

A website formerly owned by the Binladin family.

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A website formerly owned by the Binladin family, saudi-binladin-group.com now displays proclamation for Binladin support.

The proclamation for Binladin support is announced publicly on the website, saudi-binladin-group.com, a website formerly owned by the Binladin family which coincidentally expired on September 11, 2001. It remains a controversy whether or not the website expiration served as a trigger to the disastrous events which occurred on 9-11.

Curry developed a software mechanism to take control of Osama Binladin family’s official website, whose domain registration expired simultaneously with the tragic events of September 11, 2001. His experiences will be included in an upcoming documentary ‘Bin Laden: A Dynasty of Terror,’ Joel Soler’s follow up film to his successful ‘Uncle Saddam.’

“Where is Your Support for Your Muslim Brothers Now?” is largely displayed on the former site of Osama Binladin’s family empire. To date, there has been no public announcement from Osama Binladin or Al Qaeda regarding support to any of the disaster efforts. The website makes mention of the support offered by Europe, North America and Australia.

“It is fascinating to me and many others about the hypocrisy of a group, such as that of Binladin, which claims to support the aid of humanity and mankind through acts of God or Allah, yet do nothing to offer support to those very victims who may follow his doctrine. His acts of God are nothing but terrorism and hate, which are not acts of Allah,” remarks Curry.

“There is no compassion for those he claims to protect; Indonesia, which harbors many Muslim extremists and Al-Qaeda are now ironically benefited by the generosity of the West and not of that of Binladin and his followers. I challenge the rich and very deep pockets of Binladin, family and his followers to put their money where their mouths are and provide support to the thousands of homeless and grieving people in Southeast Asia.”

Christopher Curry and Shrimpo LLC are a consultancy group focused on streamlining business communications between the human interface and technology.

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