DALLAS, TX /Send2Press Newswire/ — Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and dealers and parts suppliers have a new and innovative medium for offering up products and services to the firearms industry. The Firearms Industry Association has launched an online business-to-business clearinghouse website (www.Firearmsindustry.com) that allows businesses to post Internet ads for merchandise or services for sale and/or Internet ads seeking to buy merchandise or services.

The site, called the Firearms Industry Market and is strictly for wholesale company-to-company clearinghouse trade transactions, not for end users or consumers.

Firearmsindustry.com is rapidly becoming the link to click on for all types of product offerings within the wholesale firearms industry. Manufacturers and wholesalers are expanding to new customers and new markets by posting and listing every conceivable type of product, from component parts, manufacturing services, finished goods to accessories on this innovative website. Likewise, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, retailer can post Internet ads seeking items, products, services or new vendors.

“We have a successful track record of developing performance clearinghouses in other industries,” says Bob White, Vice President and General Manager.

“Begun in 1999, our wholesale clearinghouse website at wirelessdealermarket.com has thousands of cellular phone entities selling, and buying, millions of items every month. Member businesses in 32 countries have made Wireless Dealer Market the most popular wholesale cellular or wireless business-to-business website Worldwide with over 125,000 hits a day.”

The company also operates a clearinghouse site for the ham radio industry that sets the standard for this online trade. “It’s time to introduce this instant wholesale market concept to the firearms industry,” says White.

Bob Hutchinson, President and founder of the company is a long-time gun enthusiast and Internet entrepreneur. Hutchinson has been involved with firearms as a dedicated enthusiast since age eleven. He grew up in Shreveport, LA and was fortunate, at age 15, to meet a man that was to become his mentor for many years, motivating absorption and education in firearms. The man was legendary master pistolsmith, national champion shooter and industry champion, James E. Clark. “In researching the firearms industry we see the same need for a business-to-business wholesale trade marketplace that we found in the wireless industries. So many component manufacturers, accessory importers and finished goods manufacturers need one place to go to advertise their products and product needs.”

“We have proven that our clearinghouse business model works and we look forward to working with firearms professionals buying and selling at the Firearms Industry Market. At Firearmsindustry.com we don’t buy or sell anything. We bring together those that do.”

Firearmsindustry.com is the place to seek, find, buy or sell firearms, OEM supplies, parts, manufacturing services, overstock, new old stock, surplus, obsolete stuff, accessories, closeouts, collections, rebuilt, imports, services and related items.

This company-to-company clearing house is the place to grow trade markets, develop new distribution and grow revenues. Use the Market to convert stale inventory to current-assets to cash. It’s the firearms industry’s wholesale trade and OEM market place.

At Firearmsindustry.com vendors and buyers alike create their own ads in a user-friendly form. They have plenty of space to enter complete descriptions, contact information and even direct hyperlinks to their own websites. “We do not get involved in the actual transactions,” says White, “but merely provide the tools and the venue for sellers and buyers to come together.”

This is not an auction site. It is often described as a virtual, revolving billboard for anything and everything to do with firearms.

Advertising on the site is free of charge during the promotional period. There is a “Quick Post” feature during the promo period, allowing users to quickly post Internet ads without any registration, user ID or passwords required.

To post more ads or utilize the rich set of features, including pictures, thumbnail presentations for new products, links to product web pages, buyers and sellers only need to log on, sign up as a new user and begin trading. “We understand that it will take some time to build traffic,” states Hutchinson, “so it’s free for a time, but once we get that traffic up there will be a nominal subscription fee. One successful sales transaction or cost reducing purchase will more than pay for a whole year of advertising at the market.”

Advertisers can post up to eighteen ads per day. For registered users each ad is user-editable and may remain on the site for thirty days unless deleted by the user.

“So check it out and take advantage of this free introductory period,” says Hutchinson.

Manufacturers, distributors, importers, dealers and retailers now have one wholesale marketplace to transact business. This hyperlink will soon be found on the favorites list of thousands of firearms industry traders: www.Firearmsindustry.com

Firearms Industry Market, PO Box 3739, Dallas, Texas 75208.

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