Tech-Savvy Kids are Best Motivated by Animated Happy Faces and Redeemable Reward Coupons

LOS ANGELES, CA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Barton Listick, the creator of the popular JumpStart(R) series of children’s educational software, announces the public release of My Reward Board, a new software program that provides a fun way to motivate children to do their chores and tasks. The program emphasizes a positive approach for encouraging kids to complete their chores, achieve their goals, improve their behavior, and save their money. My Reward Board is available as a free trial and for purchase at

“I was struggling to find ways to motivate my own daughters who are very technology savvy,” said Mr. Listick, “but couldn’t find a program to meet our needs. My successful experience creating educational software enabled me to create a tool that’s easy for parents and encouraging for kids.” Quoting research released in June, 2005, from the National Center for Education Statistics, Mr. Listick pointed out the importance of reaching children in a way suited to their lifestyles: “A recent study finds that 91% of all children are using computers. The best way to motivate them is with a tool that they know and enjoy.”

Charity Koenig, a My Reward Board user, says, “Since my kids love playing games on the computer, this is the perfect alternative to a boring chart on the wall that they’re not motivated to fill out – they just love tracking their achievements on the computer! It takes the place of me having to always remind them – they’re motivated to check their progress on their own.”

New chores and goals can be added at any time, and kids mark off their own work using a cast of engaging happy face characters. Parents can configure the program to conform to their own parenting style, controlling how frequently rewards are earned and which rewards are available. Achievement certificates – suitable for framing, or at least hanging on the refrigerator – are printed at the end of each week, and an animated piggy bank squeals in delight when allowance is earned or a savings goal has been met.

Adoption of this technology may mean that the age-old and universal parental rants of “Make your bed!,” “Brush your teeth!,” and “Do your homework!” will soon be replaced by the sounds of cheering and applause emanating from the family’s personal computer.

For more information, visit My Reward Board is available as a free trial or for purchase.

For additional information contact: Barton Listick, President and Founder,, 818-707-8707.

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