NEW YORK, NY (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — At this year’s New York Decor International Art Expo, scheduled March 2nd – 6th, some of the most intriguing, magnificent, unique and original works of fine art will be on display. Featured will be new, emerging and dynamic artist Donald J. Davenport. Davenport brings to market unique and different original works of mixed medium art. Davenports’ depth and technical values in surrealistic realism with an edge of symbolism will certainly captivate the attention of many viewers attending this year show.

Among several paintings in his exhibit there will be two works in progress. The first is titled “Origin of Art” a 60″ X 40″ mixed medium painting combining realism, surrealism and cubism all together in one magnificent work of depth and perspective. Within the painting are four symbolic art shapes created using variegated blue gold leaf.

*(Photo Caption: “Origin of Art” by Donald J. Davenport.)

Each shape appears to drift slowly across the captivating background of a turbulent blue opalescence sky. The second painting is titled “Bridled Romance” a magnificent 60″ X 40″ mixed medium painting depicting two romantic gilded and glass jewel enhanced carousel horses.

Davenport is an artist who expresses himself through diverse applications and applied mixed medium to define the value of realism. Davenport works with complementary materials and three dimensional subjects which he says “Provides greater magnification, clarity and perspective. The technical values that creates the magnetism are one of the key principles in my work.” Davenport’s creative skill reflects great imagination, patience and devout passion.

Several other paintings by Davenport will also be showcased at exhibit #3945 in the Decor Show area. Titles include “King’s Champion,” “Classical Steed,” “Clowning Around” and “Summer Dress.” Hand gilded ornate frames complement his subjects with gold leaf.

These magnificent paintings can be viewed at or by phone at 586-777-0092. Additional information on Davenport the educator can be seen at

News issued by: Donald J. Davenport

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