PORTLAND, OR (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Java Sutra (www.JavaSutra.org), a Portland-based company, recently unveiled a nutrient-infused, life-enhancement coffee designed to boost sexual energy in men and women.

Java Sutra is anything but a typical cup of coffee. It is infused with organic Peruvian Maca, and regularly drinking the potent elixir leads to a gentle and sustained boost in sex drive.

“Sex drive is an indicator of a person’s overall state of health,” Derek Jurovich, Java Sutra’s founder and president, said. “Java Sutra provides the proper nutrients to support this key factor in a medium that people drink every day. The long research and development process was in finding a blend that would not effect the great flavor of our artisan-roasted coffee.”

Cultivated in Peru for more than 6,000 years, Maca was first used in Incan fertility rituals and given to warriors for strength before battle. This ancient supplement is still used by indigenous people and recent clinical studies in Europe and South America confirm Maca’s positive effect on sexuality.

“I didn’t really believe drinking coffee could affect my libido,” Miriam, a 46-year old woman, said, who tested the product. “But, after drinking the brew every morning for two weeks, I found myself enjoying sex more than I have in quite a while.”

Not only does Java Sutra boost the libido, it is also known to increase energy, balance hormone levels, and is loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins, calcium, good carbs, and much, much more.

Java Sutra not only soothes the body, but also the soul, through the company’s “For Profit/For Humanity” mission-driven approach to business. The company donates 25 percent of its net profits to charities that provide communities with tangible tools such as water filtration, mosquito netting, sewing machines, and bicycles, to aid in self-sufficiency.

Java Sutra’s ingredients are organically grown using socially and ecologically responsible methods. They have recently been featured in Portland Monthly Magazine, Natural Awakenings and Fresh Cup Magazine.

A two-week supply of Java Sutra is $15.95 with free express shipping via their Website, . All-in-one travel kits are also available and include coffee and French press for $22.95.

“This is coffee that cares,” Jurovich explained. “It’s naturally nutritious, and good for our globe – better coffee, better health, better world.”

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