INDIANAPOLIS, IN (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — AGS Capital LLC has acquired an interest in DeskPort Technologies, LLC, developer of the popular USA TODAY MileTracker(TM), DeskPort(TM), ( and other client-based Internet portals. These branded desktop applications (sometimes called BDA’s), are becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to provide valuable services while creating ad revenue to DeskPort.

Alan Symons, Chairman of AGS Capital said, “We are very excited with our investment in DeskPort Technologies. Its unique technology provides instant information and gateways to the internet. A subsidiary of DeskPort, SportsPort(TM), will be the first desktop assistant for the fantasy sports buff, bringing stats, news, and other pertinent information to the consumer’s computer, in real time.”

DeskPort Technologies will introduce SportsPort ( at the upcoming Fantasy Sports Trade Conference in Las Vegas. SportsPort helps the fantasy sports enthusiast by compiling preferred sports, players, leagues, and analysis into a comprehensive profile. The application constantly searches the Internet for the profiled information, including statistics, standings, and results, and displays that data for daily decision making related to each sport.

Harris Turner, Founding Partner of DeskPort Technologies said, “DeskPort applications are all about efficiency — saving people time in Internet actions they do on a regular basis.” The applications are profile-driven. Once data is entered into each application, it never has to be re-entered. All personally identifiable information remains securely on the user’s computer. “Unlike third-party web sites,” Turner adds, “our users feel safe using DeskPort applications.” The partnership with AGS Capital will allow DeskPort to release a number of products currently in the development stage.

USA TODAY Mile Tracker ( consolidates account status for frequent flyer and loyalty program accounts, including mileage/point status, activity, and summaries. With a single click, MileTracker retrieves the user’s information, currently from over 105 programs, and displays it on the user’s computer desktop.

All applications are free to the consumer and can be downloaded from their respective web sites.

About DeskPort Technologies, LLC

Founded in 2004 by Harris Turner and Michael Hoeffner, DeskPort Technologies, LLC, builds feature-and-function-packed branded desktop applications (BDA’s) — profile-driven Internet portals that reside on users’ computer desktops. Technology developed by Hoeffner was modified and expanded to produce the DeskPort(TM) (, a client that enables almost instant access to the most often and repetitively used web services. This was followed up with branding by USA TODAY of the MileTracker (, a BDA that generates summary data from over 100 frequent flier programs and other online loyalty programs, simultaneously. The application automatically inserts required login information, as applicable, gathers the requested data, and returns it for viewing on the user’s computer desktop.

Other BDAs in development include SportsPort(TM) and FinancePort(TM).

Additional value is realized from opt-in panels from each resulting user-base. These panels produce fee-based research.

Contact: Harris Turner, President, 317-281-0082,

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