AUSTIN, TX (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Bantam Electronics, Inc. a leading provider of custom computer, server, data storage and embedded appliance manufacturing, as well as end-to-end supply chain services, today announced its strategic partnership with Crossroads Systems, Inc. Crossroads is a leading provider of Business Information Assurance (BIA) solutions and, per its heritage, is also recognized as a storage devices market leader producing enterprise-class, high-performance and high-reliability storage routing devices.

In a move that further expands Crossroads’ ability to deliver best-in-class solutions to the global market, Bantam, a leader in custom manufacturing and supply chain services for established and emerging technology companies such as AMD, NetQoS, and Wayport, is assuming operational hardware manufacturing responsibilities for Crossroads storage routing devices, StrongBoxTM and AssurStor product lines. As part of the partnership, Bantam is also providing parts and finished product inventory management, shipping and logistics services, and delivering fully integrated level-1 warranty support.

“We are thrilled to be working with Crossroads,” said Michael Chaddock, President and CEO of Bantam Electronics. “As a respected leader in Business Information Assurance, Crossroads is continuously delivering innovative, technologically advanced solutions that set the standard for the industry. This strategic partnership is an ideal alignment of both companies’ core strengths. By leveraging Bantam’s custom manufacturing and supply chain services, our customers are able to focus on their core competencies such as product development and customer acquisition. Bantam’s ability to support Crossroads’ multi-level manufacturing and product supply chain requirements, including the rapid scaling and flexing of program operations based on volume and configuration changes, is perfectly suited for Crossroads’ evolving product demand. In addition, this partnership also allows us to continue our path of manufacturing and supply chain excellence.”

Bantam has recently acquired additional top-tier manufacturing staff on a full-time permanent basis and is prepared to handle Crossroads anticipated growth plans in becoming the leading provider of Business Information Assurance solutions.

“Partnering with a leader like Bantam allows Crossroads to turn its attention to the pursuit and delivery of enterprise-class Business Information Assurance solutions,” says Rob Sims, President and Chief Executive Officer of Crossroads Systems, Inc. “We see great financial and operational benefits in this mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Bantam. Bantam is the second largest manufacturer in Texas – right after Dell Computers and, has an outstanding delivery track record. As Bantam uses large amounts of components, Bantam gets preferential volume pricing discounts, maintains greater inventories of diversified devices internally and delivers top-quality products – all of this allows Bantam to respond to fluctuations in Crossroads demand without sacrificing cost, time of delivery or flexibility. Bantam can better address sporadic and seasonal urgent requests from Crossroads customers for larger amounts of unplanned products and scale to meet Crossroads upcoming BIA solutions requirements.”

Crossroads’ leading-edge expertise is in the engineering of advanced technological solutions. This year alone, Crossroads will be re-investing over 50% of its revenues in R&D activities with planned delivery of suites of new storage and security solutions. The strategic partnership between Bantam and Crossroads is most beneficial for Crossroads’ customers, Bantam and the companies’ joint successful future. Bantam’s outstanding track record as a leader in manufacturing and supply chain services, coupled with Crossroads’ expertise in the development and engineering of innovative technologies, will produce true market solutions that far-exceed market quality and performance expectations.

About Bantam

Bantam Electronics, founded in 1969, is a leading provider of custom manufactured computers, servers, data storage devices and embedded appliances, which are used worldwide. Bantam also provides end-to-end supply chain management services for small- and mid-sized companies through the integration of its scalable manufacturing services and its extensive computer and electronic parts distribution network and logistics services.

Based in Austin, Texas, Bantam Electronics provides custom manufactured products and supply chain services for leading companies such as AMD and Crossroads as well as emerging private companies such as NetQoS and Wayport. In addition, Bantam has been named a Fastest Growing Privately-Held Company two years running and a Best Place To Work by the Austin Business Journal. For more information about Bantam, visit us online at, or call 512-719-3560.

About Crossroads Systems, Inc.

With headquarters in Austin, Texas, Crossroads Systems is a leading provider of Business Information Assurance solutions. Crossroads solutions serve the growing data storage, business continuity, disaster recovery, information security and information assurance markets and are designed to help companies store, manage and ensure the security, resiliency and accessibility of their data. Crossroads products are in solutions from companies such as EMC, HP, Quantum and SUN, and are distributed through partners such as ACAL, Bell Micro, Info-X, and Promark. Crossroads (OTC: CRDS / is currently traded on the Over The Counter (“OTC”) Bulletin Board. Crossroads is a member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). For more information about Crossroads Systems, please visit or call 800-BUY-CRDS / 800.643.7148.

Forward-Looking Statements

This release may include forward-looking statements. The words “believe,” “expect,” “intend,” “plan,” “project,” “will” and similar phrases as they relate to Crossroads are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. These statements reflect the current views and assumptions of Crossroads, and are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations.

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