CHICAGO, IL – April 4 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Sidestepping Hollywood’s closed-door policy and writing beyond the bounds of Los Angeles, screenwriter and author, Jessie Jamie Coleman, hurtles into new literary territory by publishing her original screenplay, “Sex on the Side” thus opening the door to showcase her work to the world, it was announced today by Autumn Girl Press.

The author believes that though “Sex on the Side” is not yet a produced film doesn’t mean it can’t be read and enjoyed by a broad audience.

“Sex on the Side,” a romantic comedy, explores the notion that not only men are out for sex, and reveals that women can be just as sexually motivated as men and maybe even more so.

It’s no secret that the author’s inspiration for the tale stems from personal experience when she used to set up maintenance meetings with an ER doctor who shall remain nameless. She’s not ashamed to admit that at that time she held no interest beyond meaningless sex, despite the fact that the doctor wanted so much more.

In “Sex on the Side,” the main character, a hopeless romantic, is convinced that the world is populated with sex-starved women. Throughout his days and nights, he is bombarded with vivacious, sultry women, visiting his apartment, even accosting him on the street. Though he shares some enjoyable moments with these women, he grows tired of the overwhelming attention. It has gone on long enough and he wants so much more.

The author hopes readers will be immensely amused by her comedy in revealing that sometimes even sweet innocent women can have secret agendas.

“Funny, witty and entertaining” — Bestselling Author of “Why Men Love Bitches” – Sherry Argov

“Outrageously funny” — Willie Lewis, Chicago Attorney

“Sex on the Side” (ISBN: 0-9766964-3-6 / $11.95) is published by Autumn Girl Press and will be available at and bookstores everywhere June 2006. “Sex on the Side” can also be pre-ordered at or any Barnes & Noble store worldwide.

It is the author’s wish that the publication of her screenplay will generate a market for other published works of talented screenwriters.

About the Author

Jessie Jamie Coleman, a native Chicagoan, is an author and screenwriter with several screenplays to her credit. Her romance novel was published in the summer of 2005. She has been interviewed on numerous radio stations and featured in several Chicago newspapers. Currently, she is at work on a sequel to “Sex on the Side.”

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