SKYLINE, VA – April 4 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In a patent infringement case asserted against Google Earth (Google’s 3D mapping software) a federal court judge in Massachusetts has issued an expedited discovery and trial schedule in response to plaintiff Skyline Software Systems’ request for a preliminary injunction. The court has not yet ruled on the motion, but issued a claim construction determination and gave Skyline a prompt trial date – usually a strong indication that the court views the claims of patent infringement as having real substance.

In patent cases, the court provides a claim construction or interpretation of certain terms used in the patent claims. The court split on the interpretation of the claims proposed by the parties and reserved the right to revisit the interpretation, as the issues are refined. Most of the differences in the claim construction were minor, involving the addition or deletion of a word or two from the parties’ proposed interpretations. The relevance of the claim construction must await the application of the claim construction to the methods actually used by Google Earth.

Skyline’s President Ronnie Yaron stated “The court’s expedited trial schedule and the issuance of the claim construction are a real victory for Skyline. Skyline is an innovator in this field of 3D mapping and has been trying to schedule a prompt trial where it believes the infringement issues are straightforward. Google can no longer delay the process.”

About Skyline Software Systems, Inc.

Skyline ( is an innovator in 3D visualization technologies and holds several patents in the field. Skyline is also a leading provider of network-based 3D imaging software and services and offers a comprehensive platform of applications and tools to enable the dissemination of complex geo-spatial information in an interactive, photo-realistic 3D form.

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