HALF MOON BAY, CA – April 5 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Plangarden (www.plangarden.com) launches the first vegetable garden design application that runs on the Web. Vegetable gardeners can easily and quickly create a visual layout of their garden and populate it with vegetables. And because www.plangarden.com is a Web-based application, users can choose to make their “virtual gardens” viewable to others in the Plangarden community to exchange gardening advice.

Plangarden breaks away from complex, CAD-based garden design software. It provides a highly intuitive, “drag-and-drop” interface that can be learned within minutes. The application has four principal parts: A layout screen to create your garden space, a vegetable management screen to select and place vegetables in your garden, a daily log to journal gardening activities, and a harvest chart to record your results.

The Plangarden application was developed with the vegetable gardener in mind. It accommodates even odd-shaped gardens, scaled to the desired dimensions. Users click on vegetable icons from a menu and drag them into position on their garden space. In addition, they can enter their own varieties and record other pertinent information such as number of plants and planting date. A unique feature enables gardeners, if they so desire, to make their “virtual gardens” viewable to others. The visual layout facilitates interactive feedback and exchanging gardening knowledge in the Plangarden community.

During its three-month beta period, over 800 home gardeners, small farmers, and educators signed up and tested www.plangarden.com. Their feedback on the Plangarden forum has affirmed the application’s ease-of-use and quick adoption.

The application requires no software to download or install because it runs in a browser. New features and capabilities are added almost weekly to accommodate the requests of Plangarden’s subscribers.

Users can sign up for a free 45-day trial. A full year subscription is available for $20/year. System requirements: Computer running IE 5.0+, Netscape 7.0+, Firefox 1.3+ with Adobe Flash 7.0+ and cookies enabled. Designed to run at a screen resolution of 1024×768.

About Plangarden

Plangarden is a privately-held company providing advanced Web-based tools designed to assist gardeners visualize, plan and record gardening activities. Plangarden focuses on creating Web applications that are powerful, yet easy to use. More information: http://www.plangarden.com

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