LOS ANGELES, CA – April 25 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Do you know of a haunted house or a strange location that people would cross over to the other side of the street to avoid after dark? Somewhere most wouldn’t go to in a group, even in the daytime? Would you go alone and what about at midnight? There is one man that would – the chief paranormal investigator and founder of Chasingmidnight.com – one of the Web’s leading sites devoted to the mysterious and unexplained.

Why alone? “I’m doing this primarily as a charity challenge, which if I fail I will donate $1000 of my own money to the charity that nominated the location. Also, history tells us that the most significant encounters with the paranormal have not been to groups. There are many instances of individuals witnessing ghosts but few mass encounters; so I’m also doing it to test the theory that if ghosts really can interact with the living, the less people there are present, the more likely they are to appear.”

*(Photo Caption: Chasing Midnight has investigated some of the worlds most haunted places including this derelict church in Devon, England.)

If you wish to make such a challenge, to Tony Wilden, be warned – he has over 20 years experience investigating the paranormal. Tony usually resides in one of the most haunted towns in Southern England, Winchester – but he is currently in Los Angeles, California researching more locations to visit in the United States.

“My travels have already taken me to some of the world’s most haunted places, including, Alcatraz, the Queen Mary and the Civil War battlefields of Gettysburg in the U.S.A., Berry Pomeroy Castle and Borley Rectory in England and the Bridge of Sighs in Venice Italy,” says Tony. “I have also spent time in both Area 51 and Roswell. But my interest in the unexplained isn’t just limited to investigating ghosts and UFOs.

I’ve stood at ground zero where the world’s first atomic bomb was detonated in the New Mexico desert, walked in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper in London’s East End, taken a boat trip across Loch Ness in search of the monster and explored abandoned mining towns in Tombstone, Arizona. You can follow these and my other travels in videos, photographs and trip reports at Chasingmidnight.com.”

And what about the conclusion by mainstream science that there are no such things as ghosts?

Tony says: “Science isn’t infallible, despite clams to the contrary made by skeptics. Remember, it was miscalculations’ by scientists that caused the 125 Million dollar Mars Orbiter to crash, and the Chernobyl meltdown. But I work on the Sherlock Holmes principle, ‘when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.'”

So do ghosts only come out of night? “That’s just a myth, as a result of an association with horror movies and campfire tales. The actual number of ghost sightings made during the day is about the same of those at night.”

The name of the site is Chasing Midnight, is there anywhere you wouldn’t go alone when the clock strikes twelve?

“Of course, Baghdad, Detroit or Manchester, it’s the living you really have to be afraid of.”

More information: http://www.Chasingmidnight.com

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