BURBANK, CA – May 8 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The mid-April release of HD-DVD players and software on the retail market kicked the production of high definition entertainment product into gear. The media industry’s need for HD-DVD titles for retail distribution has been keeping Intellikey Labs’ optical content testing in overdrive to meet studio release dates.

Intellikey Labs president Lauren Evers comments “We’re ready for the work. The company has been preparing for both HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc content testing and comprehensive playabilty on the players that will be released to the retail market.” And added, “The comprehensive playability and compatibility test Intellikey Labs performs of a disc’s content provides our customers with the definitive technical and consumer analysis that will help determine the overall quality of their product in the marketplace.”

Intellikey Labs maintains an unequaled advantage above its competitors as a result of well established, rigorous proprietary testing methodologies. Intellikey Labs offers its proprietary AMP(TM) value (Affected Market Percentage) with every testing report. Each identified issue receives an AMP(TM) number reflecting the specific market percentage of DVD players affected by the particular issue. This method tells the client how potentially serious any issue could be and the portion of the market it could affect.

About Intellikey Labs

Since 1997, Intellikey Labs has been recognized by the world’s leading entertainment, media, manufacturing and software companies as the market leader in quality assurance testing for optical media content. Intellikey Labs provides expertise in DVD, online, CD, HD-DVD and BD-DVD quality assurance testing, as well as ROM, website, computer and hardware testing.

Intellikey offers a base of over 250 DVD set top and computer configurations, and a broad menu of operating systems, browsers, and equipment. No other independent lab in the world has more variations available for comprehensive testing. Intellikey’s proprietary and unique AMP(TM) value (Affected Market Percentage) is available for Region 1 DVD testing, with efforts underway to offer the only AMP(tm) available for both HD and BD testing.

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