ALEXANDRIA, MN – May 8 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – CyberAngel(R) Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS, Inc.), a leader in computer Data Protection and Tracking & Recovery, is making headlines in Minnesota. On October 12th, a representative of Douglas County Hospital called and reported one of their laptop computers was missing. They use The CyberAngel(R) Security Software on their laptops to provide Real-Time Data Protection and Recovery in the event of loss or theft.

On Monday, April 24th, that computer covertly contacted The CyberAngel(R) Security Monitoring Center, reporting its location. CSS, Inc. immediately alerted local law enforcement authorities and provided them with the location information to be able to secure a search warrant. The Starbuck MN Police responded quickly, and had the victim’s computer in their hands within a few days.

The CyberAngel(R) Recovery Team remained in constant contact with the client, keeping them informed of continuing communication from that computer, and the subsequent recovery. With the Real-Time Data Protection provided by The CyberAngel(R) ensuring the security of the confidential information on that computer, they incurred no cost for Security Breach Notification or Privacy Act violations. All business and patient information on that computer was still secure and intact, protected at boot-up by The CyberAngel’s industry approved-encryption technology.

“Thanks to CyberAngel Security Solutions, we were able to retrieve approximately $7,000 worth of computer equipment,” said William Flaig, Administrator, Douglas County Hospital. “We were very impressed with the way that this technology helped us retrieve this valuable equipment so quickly.”

Information and Identity Theft due to a stolen or breached computer is on the rise, and the importance of data protection and recovery options is becoming vital. Recent CyberAngel recoveries include Memphis TN, Jefferson City MO, Des Moines IA, Kissimmee, FL, and with a recovery ratio over 80%, The CyberAngel(R) is helping fight back. The CyberAngel(R) is a proven security solution, providing Real Time Information Security and Tracking & Recovery for lost or stolen computers, and offers real value to the desktop, laptop, and tablet computer markets.

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CyberAngel(R) Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS, Inc.) has been providing The CyberAngel(R) Security Software since 1996, and is considered a pioneer in Data & Information Security, Intrusion Detection, and PC Tracking & Recovery. For more information about The CyberAngel(R) Security Software, call 800-501-4344 or email INFO@THECYBERANGEL.COM.

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