ATLANTA, GA – May 9 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Jurisdictionary(R) Legal Studies Club of Atlanta, GA (a local non-profit club) is hosting a seminar to benefit all people who need to know how to protect themselves from legal abuse … people who can’t afford a lawyer or aren’t sure they can trust the lawyer they have!

* What:
Jurisdictionary(R) Legal Studies Club is hosting experienced author/attorney Dr. Frederick Graves to come to Atlanta to present a seminar entitled “Lawsuit Self-Help … Step-by-Step” teaching how easy it can be to file and defend lawsuits (with Jurisdictionary’s teachings) … with or without a lawyer!

* When:
9-5 Saturday, May 20th, 2006. First 20 registrants get extra 2-hour small-group Q&A session from 6-8 p.m. with Dr. Graves.

* Where:
Georgia International Convention Center
2000 Convention Center Concourse
College Park, Georgia 30337

* Why:
We believe it’s every American’s right to get Justice in America’s courts, without having to pay huge fees to lawyers who may not do everything necessary to win. With Dr. Graves’ teachings we’ve been empowered to receive justice and stop corruption in our courtrooms. We’re passing this knowledge on to the people of this community through our local club’s work and this great seminar!

Ever wanted to take on a full-grown jungle tiger single-handed? You say, “Of course not! I’d be torn to shreds!”

What if the tiger were invisible … or you were blindfolded? What chance would you have then? Sound impossible? Ridiculous odds against you?

Yet tens-of-thousands of really nice folks with winnable lawsuits do exactly this every day the courthouse doors are open, all because they either can’t afford a lawyer or aren’t sure they can trust the lawyer they have – good people who are torn to shreds because they don’t have the first idea what it takes to win.

You can win lawsuits without a lawyer. If you have a lawyer you’re not sure of, you need to learn how to control the lawyer, to make certain he or she is doing everything necessary to defeat the other side.

Don’t let the professionals eat you alive!

Simplified lawsuit self-help step-by-step seminar presented by experienced author/attorney Dr. Frederick Graves makes it easy to file or defend lawsuits with or without a lawyer. Protect yourself from legal abuse!

* How:
Basic registration $199 … satisfaction guaranteed.

Register on-line at or Toll Free: 866-Law-Easy.

Sponsored by Jurisdictionary(R) Legal Studies Club of Atlanta

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