ESTES PARK, CO – May 15 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Rocky Mountain Patents, LLC ( today announced that its innovative Not-A-Bottle(TM) container system can greatly assist in providing sufficient hydration to the sick and elderly. Dehydration is a significant cause of hospitalization for over one million elderly annually.

“It is often difficult for the sick or elderly to perform a simple task, such as pour a glass of water from a pitcher weighing several pounds. Even holding a glass can be difficult for the bedridden patient,” says Charles Schroeder, Manager, Rocky Mountain Patents, LLC. “The revolutionary Not-A-Bottle(TM) container system allows simple no spill instant refill by simply replacing the beverage bag in either drinking container or drinking tube applications.”

“After visiting relatives in hospitals and nursing homes, it became apparent that there are significant physical barriers to patients getting sufficient hydration. In addition, when there were water pitchers available, they were far from sanitary,” said Schroeder.

That’s why Schroeder invented the Not-A-Bottle(TM) container system. This environmentally superior system consists of lightweight bags, holders, and dispenser caps. The disposable bags have a lip (much like a baby bottle liner), and have a pull tab or “pierceable” top for opening. The cap captures the bag lip between it and the holder, and has a dispenser appropriate for the material being distributed. The replaceable bag system allows for a wide variety of prepackaged sports and flavored drinks, nutritionals, water, and juices.

In addition to making personal hydration easier and more sanitary, the Not-A-Bottle(TM) container system offers significant cost reduction possibilities for beverage manufacturers by replacing plastic bottles with much lighter weight bags. With other dispenser attachments, the system can also be applied to foods, dairy products, baby bottles, home and personal products, motor oil and lubricants, and pharmaceuticals. has instant downloads for:

    * “Not-A-Bottle(TM)” – Detailed presentation
    * “Introducing Not-A-Bottle(TM) Container System” Brochure
    * “Revolutionizing Personal Hydration” Brochure

Rocky Mountain Patents, LLC now owns and is licensing the Not-A-Bottle(TM) container system technology for use with all types of flowable materials. Exclusive licenses are currently available for specific application categories now through 2022.

About Rocky Mountain Patents, LLC

Inventor Charles Schroeder formed Rocky Mountain Patents, LLC in 2004. The company develops and markets innovative intellectual property for a changing world.


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