HIGHLAND PARK, IL – May 19 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Internet executive Sue Cohn of Highland Park, Illinois has been holding on to a cache of 50,000 new and uncirculated January 1, 2000 newspapers; most of them are the Chicago Tribune with a few thousand New York Times, Financial Times of London and USA Today also included in the lot. Her late husband purchased the newspapers in 2000 with the future intent of selling them online and in stores after they appreciated in value years later. In fact, most of the major city Millennium edition newspapers have already increased in value — and are selling on eBay and other Websites anywhere from $5 to $20 each.

After hearing about many non-profit charities struggling and competing for donations during the past year due to so many natural disasters, Sue Cohn and her staff decided the collectible newspapers could actually be put to very good use. Cohn is hoping one such organization like The Red Cross, United Way or even the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts could use them along with their other fund raising activities, such as going door-to-door or setting up tables in front of supermarkets and sell the Millennium-edition newspapers for $3 each.

That could bring in around $150,000 of additional and much needed funding for a cash strapped non-profit organization’s year around programs.

But, there’s a catch. Cohn will thoroughly verify to make sure it’s really a non-profit charity organization that benefits, so it’s first-come-first and there will only be one such organization that she approves of — and one that can also arrange their own storage and truck to pick up all 50,000 newspapers currently stored near Chicago’s South Side.

After all, a newspaper can indeed last a very long time and years later it’s always interesting to look back at history by reading an old newspaper … not to mention that it will be just a ‘little while’ longer until the next Millennium-edition newspapers, Y3K, are available on newsstands!

For further information and if you are a qualified non-profit organization contact Sue Cohn at 847-926-4444 or e-mail mrtollfree@aol.com.

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