ATLANTA, GA – May 30 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Ever dream of being part of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Family? Well, this may be the chance that die-hard fans have been waiting for, and Checkered Motorsports is leading the way. Unlike other sports, NASCAR allows anyone to field a Nextel Cup Team. With over 75 million NASCAR fans, the chance that there are some people interested in doing so, is highly likely. And, now is the time. Every year, NASCAR reviews and revises rules and regulations; in two or three years they might not allow just anyone to get in.

“My grand plan is to race two Nextel Cup Teams starting in Daytona 2007 with thousands of other fans and co-owners,” James E. Pierce, President, said. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only view the action, but be a part of it.”

Checkered Motorsports is asking interested fans to invest an initial $10 to get the process started; approximately 100,000 deposits are needed. Once this has been established, the balance – $500 – will be due. At this time, investors will become co-owners and will receive their legal documents.

“As a co-owner, the sky’s the limit when it comes to benefits,” Pierce explained.” Among the return on investment, other benefits may include: auctions for racecar accessories; VIP passes; the ability to display a company logo; and much, much more.”

Once the initial goal of 100,000 is met, a staff of business advisors, financial experts, attorneys, marketers and advertising executives will be assembled to ensure the positive outcome of Checkered Motorsports. This management team will have the best interests of the co-owners, team and fans in place.

“Most importantly,” Pierce said, “this minimal $10 investment shows that fans are serious and want to be part of the professional sport of racing, and making history; it will prove our credibility and dedication and aid in finding a high-profile sponsor.”

Checkered Motorsports is the first fan-based corporation in the history of NASCAR. They are a small, elite group of fans with common goals in mind: to thrive to be a competitive every week; and to ultimately, win the Nextel Cup Championship.

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