LAS VEGAS, NV – May 31 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE)– Plaintiffs in pending lawsuits, who need cash now, may be able to quickly cash in and get some financial relief. Crown Financial Services, based in Las Vegas, is in the business of providing emergency cash to plaintiffs in lawsuits. For example, if someone has been injured and is suing the responsible party for their injuries, they may need money for living expenses before the case is settled; emergency cash is now available.

Expert advisors at Crown Financial understand that litigation can be a long and drawn out process that can be mentally and financially draining. Many plaintiffs are out of work or have lost a lot of work time and have difficulty paying bills, mortgages, meeting medical expenses and providing for their families.

A plaintiff who may be up against an insurance company, large corporation or other deep-pocketed defendant, may find their finances maxed out. Crown Financial Services eliminates the need to accept a minimal settlement amount due to personal financial pressures and help clients to pursue a fair and just settlement.

“We level the playing field for plaintiff and attorney,” Dan Ollman, President, said. “We provide the staying power in the form of a cash advance so that the attorney can focus on fairness, not finances, for his client. This is not a loan; it is a non-recourse cash advance. If the case goes badly and there is no settlement or judgment, the plaintiff has absolutely no obligation to repay the cash advance.”

A member of the Cash Flow Association of America (CFAA), Crown Financial Services also offers law-firm financing, commercial-litigation financing, funding for expert witness fees and appeal financing to attorneys who are short of funds.

“We pride ourselves on providing alternative, creative funding options for a variety of income streams,” Ollman explained. “And, we specialize in friendly, quality service for businesses and individuals – alike.”

Crown Financial Services is committed to taking a proactive approach to finding the very best funding source to meet their clients’ needs. Ensuring clients have access to needed capital under the very best rates and terms possible, is key.

Confidentiality of each client is guaranteed. Crown Financial Services works to earn their clients trust by providing reliable, dependable, quick service and achieving results.

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