ENCINO, CA – June 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Airlines are fighting for their financial lives, says Aero-San Corporation. Cost-cutting has affected every area of operations from in-flight meals, to blanket and pillow service, to cleaning and sanitation. Several major airlines have already stopped providing blankets and pillows, almost all want to sell you snacks. Airlines have to use their limited resources to keep planes mechanically fit to fly. While ground crews are doing the best they can, it is just impossible to clean an entire plane in the time allowed on quick turnarounds. The reality is… passengers will have to fend for themselves.

Help is on the way. Aero-San Corporation, a growing new Company in southern California has developed the Traveller’s Edge(TM) line of healthy travel accessories. The Traveller’s Edge(TM) product line is designed for travelers who want to help protect themselves from the grime and germs found on high traffic surfaces in commercial aircraft and other public areas.

On June 16 & 17 2006, Aero-San will be an exhibitor at the KNBC 2006 Travel Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Expo is open to the public and admission is free. For more information go to www.nbc4.tv/travelexpo

The Traveller’s Edge(TM) product line includes: Airline Seat Covers, Headrest Covers, Personal Health Masks, Individual Antiseptic Towelettes, Personal Travel Blankets, and Personal Travel Pillows. Aero-San Traveller’s Edge(TM) Airline Seat Covers and Headrest Covers are made from the same material used in surgical gowns to protect medical personnel. Each Traveller’s Edge(TM) Cover is packaged with 2 individual antiseptic towelettes for use on the tray table and arm rests. The covers are reusable, washable, and recyclable.

Traveller’s Edge products are available on the Company website at www.aero-san.com, and at select Hudson Group shops at JFK and LAX International Airports.

In response to a huge public demand, Aero-San Corporation has recently expanded their Traveller’s Edge(TM) product line to include N-95 respirator masks. The N-95 masks are certified by NIOSH and recommended by the Center for Disease Control as the preferred personal protection against SARS, TB, and Avian Flu.

Mr. Lance Paris, head of Aero-San states, “With all of the media coverage about a possible flu pandemic, we felt it was time to make the N-95 respirator mask part of our line. There are many manufacturers of N-95 masks; we chose what we believe to be the best masks available on the market today. While there are no magic bullets to keep you from getting sick, an N-95 mask offers some of the best protection available.”

Even the federal government has recognized the fact that an outbreak of Pandemic Influenza will be the greatest crisis in modern times. In May 2006 the United States Homeland Security Council released the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan. The Plan acknowledges the federal government’s inability to effectively respond to an outbreak of pandemic influenza. Primary responsibility is passed on to state and local governments, community based organizations, businesses and individuals. As stated in the concluding paragraph of the Preface, “The active engagement and full involvement of all levels of government and all segments of society, including at the community level, are critical for an effective response. Ultimately, however, the actions of individuals will be the key to our response (emphasis added).

Aero-San Traveller’s Edge(TM) products have been featured in USA Today, Los Angeles Business Journal, and the current issue of Hemispheres Magazine.

More information: http://www.aero-san.com

For a complete media information package or to schedule an interview, please call Mr. Lance Paris at 818.654-9448.

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