CHARLOTE, NC – June 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Many people overlook the subtle signs that their jobs are at risk. By the time most employees realize their jobs are in jeopardy, there is usually very little they can do to change the situation, warns Epsie Shapley, Managing Partner of Graham Holland, the career management firm. People need to take action before it’s too late.

“Corporate loyalty is dead,” said Shapley, whose company provides job-hunting support to professionals and executives in the Carolinas. “The person who promised you job security could be gone in six months. The best defense is to constantly be aware of, and open to, new career opportunities.”

Employment contracts that outline terms and conditions for leaving the company are also valuable. They should detail the amount of severance pay an employee would receive and how long benefits such as health insurance would be maintained.

Some signs your job is on the line:

    * Your employer has stopped discussing the future with you.

    * Conversation around the water cooler has turned grim. Office gossip could carry rumors of what’s to come.

    * The boss no longer makes eye contact.

    * You can’t do anything right. Your boss is excessively picky or finds fault with everything you do.

    * The company has recently changed ownership. New owners like to bring their own people on board.

    * You haven’t had an increase in responsibility for more than three years and could be replaced with someone cheaper. (Companies rarely pay people more to do the same job year after year.)

    * Your function could be outsourced for a much lower cost.

    * You are the newest employee at a financially struggling company.

    * You haven’t had a major pay increase during the last three years.

    * Meetings are held, but you are not invited.

    * Mediocre performance reviews, especially when you think you’re doing well, could mean that the company is preparing the documentation to get rid of you.

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