Industry-Leading MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) and MicroTCA Power Module enable working MicroTCA systems today

BOSTON, MA – June 4 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — GLOBALCOMM — At GlobalComm 2006 in Chicago, IL from June 4-8, CorEdge Networks, Inc. will be demonstrating its new interoperable family of MicroTCA products. These include the: CorEdge Networks MicroTCA Carrier Hub (CEN-MCH) and MicroTCA Power Module (CEN-MPWR). Each of these products represents the industry’s first and only working product of its kind. Together, they enable companies in the MicroTCA ecosystem to develop working MicroTCA systems, and represent a critical milestone in the commercialization of MicroTCA.

The products will be demonstrated at the CorEdge Networks booth at GlobalComm (#12042), and by numerous other companies demonstrating MicroTCA systems.

CorEdge Networks MicroTCA Carrier Hub (CEN-MCH)

The CorEdge Networks MicroTCA Carrier Hub, or MCH, is a second generation MicroTCA Carrier Hub and is the only working MicroTCA Carrier Hub in the industry. The CEN-MCH has been designed to PICMG MicroTCA v0.95 specifications. To ensure interoperability, CorEdge Networks has worked closely with major MicroTCA chassis, backplane, connector, system and board level developers. Upon ratification of the PICMG MicroTCA v1.0 specification, CorEdge Networks is committed to producing a fully compliant MCH immediately thereafter.

The MicroTCA Carrier Hub plays a central role in MicroTCA systems, and is technically complex. The MCH contains Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) software that manages up to twelve Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs), a redundant MCH, and the power and cooling elements in a MicroTCA chassis, in a manner analogous to a shelf manager in ATCA systems.

The CorEdge Networks MicroTCA Carrier Hub is the first product to support a wide range of the essential and optional functions set forth in the MicroTCA specification. It serves as an IPMI MicroTCA Carrier Management Controller for up to twelve AMCs and provides an IPMI LAN interface to an external system manager. It provides a Layer 2 unmanaged, non-blocking, low latency Ethernet 14-port switch with twelve 1GigE channels that supports up to twelve AMCs on the backplane (1GigE per AMC) and two 1GigE uplink I/O ports located on the MCH face plate. This latest CEN-MCH will also support a number of new features (all industry firsts), including a second base channel fabric with SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) switching, radial clock management and distribution for up to three separate clock sources, and support for fabric or fat pipe switching.

Initially, the fabrics that the CEN-MCH will support include Serial Rapid I/O, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and PCI-Express. The CEN-MCH face plate will support dual-1GigE I/O uplink interfaces, an external serial interface for direct access to the CEN-MCH, an external interface to support telco alarm panels and various I/O types to support external uplink links to the CEN-MCH fabric. All of this functionality is delivered in an AMC.0 single width form factor (75mm x 181mm), which makes the CorEdge Networks MCH a technical tour de force.

CorEdge Networks MicroTCA Power Module (CEN-MPWR)

To enable MicroTCA working systems, CorEdge Networks has also developed the industry’s first MicroTCA Power Entry Module (CEN-MPWR), designed to the MicroTCA v0.95 specification. Unlike previous prototype MicroTCA power products, the CorEdge Networks MicroTCA power module is the first to deliver power conversion, distribution, switching and management, as well as support an IPMI interface to the CorEdge Networks MicroTCA Carrier Hub. The CEN-MPWR seamlessly interoperates with the CEN-MCH.

The initial CEN-MPWR will support dual -48VDC inputs and deliver various output powers to the MicroTCA backplane, depending on the power bricks used. The CEN-MPWR will support input current limiting, EMI power filtering, power conditioning, fusing and monitoring and DC-to-DC conversion for payload (+12V) and management (+3.3V) power. In conjunction with the CEN-MCH, the CEN-MPWR IPMI-based power controller will manage management and payload power distribution, voltage and current monitoring/limiting and hot-swap support for the AMCs and cooling elements in a MicroTCA chassis. The CEN-MPWR has been designed to support redundant and parallel power delivery configurations and conforms to a single-width form factor.

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