LAS VEGAS, NV – June 5 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Businesses seeking cash for working capital – look no further. Crown Financial Services offers a unique solution for clients who need a quick infusion of money now.

Crown Financial uses an asset that is unrecognized by traditional financial institutions – a steady stream of credit card sales – to determine the financial viability of a business. Capital advances are based on the predictability of a company’s future credit card sales.

According to the latest statistics from Equifax, there are more than 18 million small businesses in the US. A high percentage of those small business owners are digging into personal savings, taking out home equity loans, borrowing from family and running up credit card bills as forms of financing.

Crown Financial Services can help their clients avoid these financial black holes through purchasing a fixed amount of the business’ future credit card sales, at a small discount, and in turn, providing them with a lump sum of working capital.

Collection of the purchased credit card sales occurs automatically through the credit card processor, which sends Crown Financial Services a fixed, predetermined percentage from each credit card sale. The seamless integration of processing and working capital is a natural fit and an obvious benefit to businesses and organizations seeking additional products, revenue and residual streams.

“‘Cash is King’ is a popular catch phrase,” Dan Ollman, President, said, “but in the world of business, cash flow is the true king!”

Crown Financial Services, a member of the American Cash Flow Association, works with established and expanding businesses to provide working capital to companies in the small-to-medium-sized range who have difficulty securing funding from traditional financial institutions or prefer a funding option that aligns with their cash flow.

With fast, courteous and professional service, Crown Financial Services promises a free, no obligation consultation that aims to help businesses reach their financial goals and dreams.

“If a business is currently receiving a steady payment stream,” Ollman explained, “most likely, we can provide a lump sum of cash for reinvestment and use now to grow the business and add to future financial success.”

Crown Financial Services specializes in working with small businesses in credit-card intense industries such as restaurant and hospitality, retail and franchising.

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