Advanced Interactive Marketing, Inc.’s new freeware product, MySearchBot, is the first software to organize and share information mined from search engines

CHICAGO, IL – June 12 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MySearchBot, a new freeware product from Advanced Interactive Marketing, Inc. (AIM), is the first and only search tool to organize, filter, classify and share information mined from search engine results.

“As we see an explosion in the number of web pages online, we constantly need more refined methods to search these billions of pages,” says Larry Brunken, Founder of AIM. “MySearchBot organizes, shares and searches through this ocean of information like never before.”

MySearchBot (available for free download at allows users to seek information about any topic with advanced Artificial Intelligence and then save and share “search folders” with friends and family. These folders update automatically whenever new information is added about that topic.

The software enables users to send a copy of the Smart Search folder over the Internet to provide backup information and detail about the topic under discussion. The Artificial Intelligence algorithm also makes for very detailed searches, including all search engines as well as major media outlets. These results can be reviewed and then saved and organized as users see fit. A user may also post these results online for all to share in the world’s largest hand-reviewed search engine that works like no other!

MySearchBot is especially useful for students who often need to research a specific topic and are unable to sift through hours of bad search results to find a few good ones. Students can now sift through only appropriately filtered, reliable search results to find the information they need as quickly as possible.

“Imagine setting up a search, clicking Go, and then walking away to do some other work, only to come back and find all the best results waiting for your perusal,” says Brunken. “With MySearchBot, that time-saving, efficient scenario is only one click away.”

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Advanced Interactive Marketing, Inc. was formed in 2005 by Larry Brunken to produce a group of new free software applications. With nine years experience in the online marketing business, Brunken and AIM will release groundbreaking free products for both end users and online marketers.

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