KEENE, NH – June 19 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — New England based UrbanBoomer, Inc. is set to launch what it deems as a “first of its kind” website geared specifically toward the Baby Boomer generation. The website, a combination web portal / online magazine / fully integrated Internet community, will center on a different approach to capturing the interest of the Boomer market.

“We’re making a conscious effort to avoid the ‘stereo-typical’ idea that Baby Boomers are aging, nostalgia driven consumers,” Company President, Bill Hurley said. “We’re approaching the Baby Boomers as a liberal, vital and forward thinking demographic that initiated many of the modern world changing events.”

The website, is a vibrant, attractive website that features concise and intuitive writing on a number of subjects from music, movies, travel, culinary arts, pets, humor, finance, art, photography and other pertinent issues all geared towards the 40 and up age group.

The content is updated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with cover stories and features changing bi-weekly. UrbanBoomer has an online community which offers members a personal profile, the option to interact, blog and create and receive email, create personalized music play lists along with a number of other member only features. While most of the website is free, the members receive personalized content and can opt for daily and weekly features for a $7.95 monthly subscription rate.

The online community features an area called “Creative Space,” the most impressive aspect of UrbanBoomer, where members can upload a variety of media from video, audio and photos to create an online gallery and business profile. “This is what we feel to be the most exciting part of UrbanBoomer,” Hurley said. “Many of us have gone on to different aspects of our lives and careers, with new opportunities and options. Creative Space allows a photographer, artist, musician, writer or craftsman to create a business profile and upload a complete gallery that can be viewed by millions of people.”

The company is staffed by a broad spectrum of professionals in fields ranging from education, art, restaurants, entertainment, business, computer technology and while the staff is small it’s a smart, quick witted and well educated group. plans its national launch for June 21, 2006.

News issued by: UrbanBoomer, Inc.

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