VANCOUVER, BC, Canada – June 21 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Aicello announces the introduction of an innovative lifestyle accessory into North America, the first cosmetic quality facial soap newly launched in Asia by a leading cosmetic brand. Fusion Film soap leaves are convenient, stylish and pocketable cosmetic sheets that meet the demands of the modern lifestyle. Each sheet dissolves instantly in water into a soft, rich lather.

Aicello’s technology opens the door to new generation delivery forms for cosmetic cleaning products. The dissolvable film soap can be custom blended in partnership with cosmetic companies to create one-of-a-kind soap leaves, including collagen enriched exfoliating soaps, shampoos and even gentle laundry detergent.

Aicello has furthered the technology into the cosmetics area, allowing cosmetic brands to differentiate themselves, and introduce higher value, trendy new lifestyle accessories, far above the value of common handsoap.

Beyond the enhanced moisturizing effect, dissolving cleansing sheets allow just the right amount of soap to be used, since the average woman uses far too much soap to clean their faces, resulting in a harsh effect.

“We have manufactured hand soaps for many years, but it took 2 years of extensive development to formulate and meet cosmetic facial quality in conjunction with our soap supplier,” said Carlton Wong, National Sales Manager of Aicello North America. “It’s the most difficult soap to design for, to be soft and moisturizing while passing stringent consumer testing to ensure no drying effect for any skin type.”

Aicello Vice President of Global Marketing, Soki Watanabe commented, “Sales have been phenomenal in Asia, much above forecasts. The exciting news is we’ve heard some women won’t leave home without it.”

Prior to introducing soap leaves to the cosmetics industry, Aicello had supplied hand soaps marketed by consumer companies, including a soap for children sold at Toys R’ Us Japan. The film meets the worldwide growing demand for cleanliness outside the home, as a consequence of recent worldwide health concerns.

Fusion Film is an innovative new cosmetic film strip, available from Aicello in a variety of sizes, formulations, fragrances, colors, logos and packaging.

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