CHICAGO, IL – June 22 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Chicago bachelor Scott Tucker is making a unique Internet search to find a new traveling companion to join him at the exclusive luxury “Hotel Arts” in Barcelona, Spain. A Ritz-Carlton Group hotel, and within just 100 yards of some of the most superb beaches in Spain, the Hotel Arts is considered to be the finest hotel in Barcelona.

Tucker originally arranged the whole trip and reserved one of the best rooms in the hotel – costing over $450.00 per night and complete with panoramic views of the Mediterranean – as a surprise six-day birthday treat for the girl he was dating. But she dumped him when he discovered she was cheating on him, and now Tucker has found himself faced with the prospect of either taking the trip alone or finding someone to accompany him. And he hasn’t got long to do it: the trip is booked to start on 30th July. However, Tucker is in a tight spot: the spare $4,500.00 business-class airline ticket is in the name of his original companion. And only someone with the exact same legal name can use it.

Undeterred and unwilling to let the ticket go to waste, Tucker, who recently won the Glazer-Kennedy Inner-Circle Marketer of the Year award for his work in marketing his mortgage brokerage, turned his marketing skills to bear on the problem. And so, to find the ideal traveling companion in name as well as in nature, Tucker has set up a website,, and launched an on-line search that will give just one lucky lady the unique opportunity of joining him in this exclusive luxury hotel and enjoying an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime.

To be eligible for the search, candidates must go to the website,, and enter their full legal name, submit a photo, tell him about themselves, and then give him one compelling reason why he should choose them above everyone else who might share the right name. All candidates must be female, single, and be 21 years of age or over.

Tucker insists the trip is platonic. He is not looking specifically for romance and wants nothing more than good company and lively conversation with someone who has a sense of adventure and fun.

When the deadline passes Tucker will take all submissions with the correct name and select the winner. His decision is final.

Scott Tucker is a mortgage broker, loan officer, and the No.1 educator in direct marketing for subprime mortgage professionals in the country. To learn more about Scott and his Spanish holiday Internet giveaway, go to

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