HOCKESSIN, DE – June 23 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — When Hare E Whodini performs his magic show, “The Magic of Reading,” at elementary schools, the reading levels of most students increase. Hare E, dressed as a rabbit and played by Bob Corson of Hockessin, DE and Magic Just 4 U, uses motivational strategies to increase reading levels and reading comprehension of children who attend the show.

“Magic and magicians are held in esteem by children. Offering meaningful rewards, tied to the magician and the magic show, motivates children to read more often,” says Corson. It is well known that motivating children to read at an early age is a top national priority.

To attend the show, children meet a minimum reading requirement. Top readers earn the opportunity to appear on stage with Hare E. “The opportunity to be onstage, in front of all their peers is a powerful motivator,” says Corson. Also, top readers have a magic party with Hare E, where he performs close-up magic.

As an additional incentive, top readers names are placed in a hat and the winning draw receives a world-class magic set. Hare E also performs for the class with the highest percentage increase in reading.

The motivational opportunities continue after the show. Reading contests are held and Hare E provides reading teachers with a book of reading comprehension exercises that relate to the magic show. An essay contest is offered with another magic kit for the winner.

Corson is a strong believer in using powerful motivators to achieve desired levels of performance. When he was the #1 regional sales manager for a publishing company, Corson designed a variety of sales incentives to increase productivity. “What gets rewarded gets done” is Corson’s credo.

Hare E last performed his program at Pleasantville Elementary School in Wilmington Delaware. According to Beth Howell, Principal of the School, the increase in reading, as measured by their computerized reading system, was the highest ever.

“An excellent program. The kids will be talking about it for months,” said Maryanne Kellner, Reading Specialist, at Highland’s Elementary School in Wilmington where Hare E performed his program.

Hare E offers his school clients a simple guarantee: “We will increase reading at your school, or you pay nothing.”

For more information, contact: Bob Corson at 302-234-2874 or hwhodini@aol.com

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