RALEIGH, NC – June 26 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Tired of endless arguments? Not sure who the surly-faced teenager at the dinner table is? Let a newly-released book, “Help Me with My Teenager” by Christina Botto (ISBN: 1419637045), be a guide to parental success.

Rated a “must read” by Heather Froeschl, of, the book directly addresses major problem areas when it comes to parenting teens.

Author Christina Botto writes from experience. A single mother of two, she set out to understand the mind of the teenager in order to create a better relationship with her daughters. Her findings and results, from over 14 years of working with teens and their parents, are directly related to the writings in “Help Me with My Teenager.”

“Differentiating between the teenage issues that are more personality specific and the teenage problems that are typical for every teenager is a challenge.” Botto explained. “This step-by-step guide focuses on the major problem areas in teen parenting.”

Whether parents are faced with the first signs of teenage attitude or have been struggling with their teenager for years and are simply seeking parenting help, this book provides valuable examples that are applicable to almost any situation.

“Christina Botto’s insight into raising a child has been such a help to me in my personal situation with my son,” said one reader. “He and I now have clearly defined roles and boundaries and we are closer than ever.”

“Contrary to the approach of a psychological guide through the various stages of development,” Botto said, “this guide delivers suggestions on how to act and react in everyday situations. It depicts scenarios with resolutions that, in my personal experience, have proven to be successful.”

The book, comprised of six chapters, takes the reader through various stages that include: understanding why teenagers behave the way they do and what motivates them; how to successfully engage teenagers in conversation that will open the lines of communication; how to help teens smoothly transition from child to young adult; how to remain active in a teen’s life without being obtrusive; how to set limits and boundaries in a way that teenagers will accept them; and finally how to enjoy teenagers.

“As a parent of a teenager and a pre-teen, I found ‘Help Me with My Teenager,’ to be right on target,” Graciela Sholander, Independent Professional Book Reviewer for, said. “I like that Botto’s focus is twofold: the well being of the teenager, and the well being of the parent-teen relationship. This guide is easy-to-read, and dives right into solutions.”

“Help Me with My Teenager,” can be ordered through, or by visiting the Web site at:

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